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Distance Learning in Seabrook

For many families, the 2020-2021 school year looks much different than past years. Whether you’re a veteran homeschool family or brand new to distance learning, Seabrook is the ideal getaway to recharge while seamlessly continuing your new “normal.” Distance learning and/or homeschooling can look very different from family to family, but Seabrook has something for everyone.

Why learn from Seabrook?

All homes in Seabrook are equipped with wifi (though speeds may vary house to house)

– Parks and nature paths are plenty when your littles need a break from their books

– Nature and wildlife make for a great way to reiterate the lessons learned through your child’s bookwork

– Working from a front porch or park ensures clean, fresh air which can reduce stress levels

– Getting a quick lunch outside of the home is easy with Front Street Market & several restaurants just 5 minutes from your cottage

– Physical education can be done through walks at the beach, a quick tennis match, bike rides around town, or some soccer in the park

Tips for Successful Distance Learning

– Set a schedule for when your child will work on certain tasks and when they will have breaks.

– Be there for your child when they have questions but allow them to work independently when the task is something they can handle on their own. Hovering can cause unnecessary stress for everyone.

– Always have snacks readily available so your child can continue working without having to think about what to eat.

– Get out of the home often to avoid feelings of total isolation. Even if you’re keeping your distance, seeing a smile from someone else on the street can boost your mood greatly.

– Don’t be afraid to switch it up! Maybe your child started their day at the dining table but they’ll complete their afternoon work on the porch, from the couch, etc.

– Remember that this is new and different for both you and your child and that it’s okay to change your routine and expectations to best fit your family.

distance learning in seabrook

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