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Seabrook Is Changing The Game For Thanksgiving

Do you love the holidays but dread the inevitable cleanup and hassle? We feel you. Here at Seabrook, we are big advocates of relaxing getaways. So we asked ourselves how we can do that during some of the busiest times of the year so you can focus on the best parts of time spent with family and friends.

Seabrook is built on the idea of community and walkability making it the ideal environment for a much-needed getaway. Especially a holiday getaway.

Seabrook Hospitality Brings Convenience To You

Seabrook is located about 45 minutes away from the nearest large-scale grocery store, and therefore we are truly tucked away out here on the coast. While this offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, it may add on extra time in your to-do lists, especially during the holidays. It can be trickier to ‘do’ Thanksgiving without the convenience of a full grocery store down the road. We are excited to share some of the best and most convenient ways you can do holidays at the beach, continuing your relaxing getaways throughout any season.

How is Seabrook doing this you may ask? Well, we have a few ways.

Meet Seabrook’s Concierge, Jeff Wilson

The biggest change is that our Concierge, Jeff Wilson, is here to help! He is your best friend out here at Seabrook and is prepared to help you with everything from events and activities to your grocery shopping. That’s right, even grocery shopping

With our hospitality services, we are here to get you the groceries and supplies you need and deliver them right to your house before you even arrive! No more traveling with wet coolers full of food and ice, but instead, walk into your home and feel at ease knowing that the fridge is fully stocked with everything you need. Did you know this service is not just offered for the holidays but is actually a service we offer year-round? We just know it’s not fun to worry about shopping when you would much rather be spending your time with loved ones and making memories and we want to help you to do that during your stay.

With this unique service, your vacation can start right away! We highly recommend using this complimentary service before your Thanksgiving stay. Skip the lines and craziness of the grocery stores and just put together what you need. We will get it to you!

Thanksgiving Dinner Made Easy By Rising Tide Tavern

Another unique service we offer is catered Thanksgiving dinners! Thanks to Rising Tide Tavern right here in town you can enjoy a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner. Just one more way to take the stress of Thanksgiving off your plate. With a purchase of a meal, it will be hand delivered to your house the day before Thanksgiving. This gives you everything from a turkey to homemade rolls from Vista Bakeshop. Truly experience Seabrook dining from the comfort of your home all while watching football and hanging with your crew.

Don’t forget to place your order by noon on November 17th.

Relax With A Late Checkout On Us

If you really love watching Sunday Football, then this one is for you! For the month of November, we are offering late checkout on Sundays! Relax a bit longer and watch the Seahawks play! Let your crew hang out a bit longer on Thanksgiving weekend before you head back to school and jobs. Trust us, you will not regret it!

We can’t wait to see everyone enjoy their holidays with friends and family and make those memories with us out here in Seabrook. If you want to experience the magic of Seabrook, the holidays are the perfect opportunity! Head over to the Vacation Rentals section on our website and book your relaxing holiday getaway today! We’ll see you out at the beach!

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