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St. Fatty's Day Bike Race

Let’s face it – St. Patrick’s Day celebrations can become so predictable. The typical holiday festivities involve throwing on a green hat, heading out to a bar or pub, and drinking green drinks.

But if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience, Seabrook and Buck’s Bikes are starting a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition: the St. Fatty’s Day Fat Tire Bike Race. This brand new Fat Tire Bike racing series is set for Saturday, March 16, and is open to riders of all ages, skill levels and abilities. 


Named St. Fatty’s Day, a portmanteau of the holiday and the style of bikes used for this race, this event is sure to become an instant classic for riders and non-riders alike. Organized by Buck Giles of Buck’s Bikes at Seabrook, this fat tire bike beach race is the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest

“St. Fatty’s Day will be a great opportunity to race fat bikes on sandy shores of the Washington coast,” shared Buck. “Along dunes and out on the coastlines, the unique terrain will be ridden in the style of cross country mountain bike races. This is a race and event that you will be excited to have discovered.” 

Seabrook & Buck's Bikes Present St. Fatty's Day Fat Tire Bike Race


The St. Fatty’s Day race is simple in format, with three different races to choose from. Scheduled into three categories, the goal is to ride as many loops as possible in the time allotted. Category One riders will have 60 minutes; Category Two will have 45; and Category Three will have 30. The course starts up in town and darts down to the coast, passing through the forest before emptying out onto the sand for the loops, then heading back up for the finish. The winner is the one who gets the most laps in their time frame. There is even a race for kids under 13 years old, so whether you have a riding crew or are looking for a family event, the St. Fatty’s Day race is for you. 

Register For The Race Now

What makes this race even more inviting for all is that Buck’s Bikes will have rental bikes available. While they will be first come first serve, those who register online can reserve a bike. If you need a bike or have any questions about the race, contact Buck as soon as possible. Those who have their own bikes don’t need to worry about damage from the salt water and sand, as Buck’s Bikes will be opening their cleaning station, which is free for use.

For serious riders, St. Fatty’s Day is a must add to your race schedule, as it doesn’t conflict with any other races. It is perfect for your riding crew or your own new adventure, as it takes place on a robust, challenging and fun course. This will be the first of many great races for riders around Seabrook and a chance to help start the tradition of hitting the coast for the St. Fatty’s Day race with a bang. For more information on this race, contact Buck Giles at Buck’s Bikes in Seabrook

Seabrook & Buck's Bikes Present St. Fatty's Day Fat Tire Bike Race


After the St. Fatty’s Day race, you’ll be ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in full at Seabrook. Over the holiday weekend, Mill 109 will have drinks and music, while the restaurants of Seabrook will be serving up their specialty dishes. Hikes and trails are ready for your adventures, while quiet spots to sit on the beach and relax await you. Seabrook has rental units available for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, giving you a chance to escape from the routines of the city and explore the North Beach. 

Between the race, enjoying the amenities at Seabrook, and catching the sunset over the ocean, there are also a few ways to support the local biking community. Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Buck Giles will be hosting trail work parties on the nearby DNR land to build more mountain bike trails for all to enjoy. Those who help out on Sunday will not only be helping to grow mountain biking in the region but will also be receiving a free lunch through Buck’s Bikes. 

Seabrook is the premier coastal getaway on the Washington Coast, offering both the elegance and class you want for a fancy night out and the ruggedness and relaxation that is found on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Year round, there is something for everyone at Seabrook. Book now and discover coastal perfection.

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