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Meet Chef Matt: Host of Chef Box Live Comes To Seabrook

As part of our SpringFest celebrations, we are happy to bring Chef Box Live to Seabrook! This unique cooking experience allows you to create your favorite comfort foods and enjoy a night of entertainment all from your Seabrook home.

Cook alongside renowned Seattle Chef Matt Lewis and learn how to make Shrimp & Grits, Eggs Benedict, or both!

Meet Chef Matt Lewis

Host of your cooking class, Chef Matt is an upbeat, charismatic instructor that simply loves to share his passion for food. While many look to him as a pillar of the culinary community, he still continues to learn and grow.

Where Ya At Matt Truck

A Taste of the South in Seattle

While Seattle is known for its fresh-as-can-be seafood, Southern comfort food and cajun dishes are rare finds.

With Matt’s mobile restaurant Where Ya At Matt, Seattleites have fallen in love with oyster po’ boys, gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets.

Wherever his restaurant is, you’ll find a community filled with lots of stories and laughter.

Chef Matt Lewis


Chef Matt’s Journey to the PNW

Matt did quite a bit of exploring before falling in love with the Emerald City. His early childhood was spent in New Orleans where he would go fishing with his grandfather and cook his catch with his grandmother for a good ol’ fashioned fish fry.

Working in a restaurant in Birmingham Alabama, he realized his passion for food and the art of cooking. After finishing culinary school in New York, he decided to make the jump across the country to Seattle. 

He was drawn to the connection to nature. More fresh fish than your stomach could handle, endless berries to gather in the summer, mushrooms to forage all fall long, and farm fresh ingredients are always readily available.

He decided to move to Seattle for a couple years just to try something new. That was 20 years ago and he loves the Pacific Northwest more each season.

Chef Matt Lewis


Fine Dining Crafted by You

The idea for Chef Box Live started in March 2020 as a way to get people excited about cooking and bring a little slice of fine dining into their homes. A brunch or dinner kit is delivered to your Seabrook home with all of your necessary ingredients to make a gourmet meal.

Tune in to the live stream where Chef Matt cooks dishes with you in real time here in Seabrook! Chef Matt shows you knife skills, talks you through the culinary science behind each step, and answers any questions you may have throughout the event. 

This Seabrook experience is more than a cooking class. More than a streamed event. It’s a unique opportunity to make an elevated meal with a professional chef by your side. No Chef Box Live event is the same.

Each cook-along brings out different conversations and connections.

“We always encourage people that don’t cook to cook for the person who usually cooks. It creates a really fun interaction and a special bonding experience,” beamed Matt. “It’s hard to feel anything but joy when you’re eating delicious food that you made with your hands.”

Quote Chef Matt Lewis

Couple cooking

Shrimp & grits and eggs benedict are two of Matt’s most popular dishes. With simple ingredients and a little culinary flair you can create your new favorite weeknight staple or brunch at home. Don’t let the elevated nature of the dishes deter you.

“They are actually surprisingly simple dishes. Both have a nuance, but if someone shows you how to do it you realize how graspable it is,” explained Matt. 

The benefit of doing a live cook-along is that Matt can guide you through the more complex aspects of elevated cooking (we’re looking at you, hollandaise). Any catastrophic mess is easily fixable with a professional chef by your side.

“A lot of the magical moments come after we’re done. We make something that reminds them of their mother’s or grandmother’s cooking,” smiled Matt. “They finally taste that one nuanced flavor that they’ve been looking for.”

The Stowaway Wine Bar Has You Covered

Don’t forget the vino! We have teamed with the The Stowaway Wine Bar to bring you paired wines that complement both meals. The bright and lightly zesty notes of the Jules Taylor 2019 Sauvignon Blanc play off of the complexity of the Shrimp and Grits. For the brunch box, JP Chenet Brut Blanc de Blanc is the perfect accompaniment to this elevated eggs benedict. Sip this bubbly on its own or bring some orange juice for mimosas.

Add wine to your order when purchasing tickets and it will be delivered to your home along with the meal kit.

Get Your Tickets For Chef Box Live in Seabrook

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who’s afraid of burning cereal or a foodie who knows the ins and outs of cooking, Chef Box Live is a fun way to learn something new.

When you stay in Seabrook, your cooking kit will be delivered straight to your home. You have the option of creating Shrimp & Grits from on April 10, 2021, Eggs Benedict on April 11, 2021, or both!

You can also add on wine, beer, or champagne to your kit! All you have to do is turn on the live stream and let Chef Matt walk you through the process. By the end, you’ll have an incredible meal that you can recreate anytime you want. Learn more about Chef Box Live, pricing, and menu options on our event page. Bon appetit!


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