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Seabrook's Town Center Grows With Pacific Landing

From an unknown byway to a booming beach town, Seabrook has taken an exciting leap expanding shopping, dining, and living on the rugged Washington coast. Introducing Pacific Landing, the newest landmark addition to Seabrook’s Town Center. 

Seabrook started with a handful of homes, a bold town plan, and an even bolder dream nestled in the evergreens along the Washington coast. Over the last few years, the town center has expanded to include more shopping and dining spaces, outdoor centers, and urban accommodations. Each step in the process has been leading up to the gateway block, Pacific Landing. 

Shaping Seabrook’s Story

“Seabrook is in that teenager phase,” said town co-founder, Casey Roloff, “We’re not just a small town anymore and now we’re taking some big steps towards the final plan.”

Since Seabrook broke ground, its purpose has always been to become a true town. A dense urban environment is a key part of that story. Creating a town that can sustain a condensed urban center takes decades to naturally build and Seabrook has finally reached that tipping point. 

Designing A Timeless Urban Center

Years of careful planning have paid off with a landmark building that compliments the town plan while framing coastal views. Pacific Landing’s placement is part of the angled main street design that allows for ocean views that carry through main street. 

“Creating a collection of townhome-styled buildings that are cohesive with the town center while adding oceanfront views was not an easy task. We pulled from many timeless design concepts in our favorite towns and cities,” noted Stephen Poulakos, Director of Town Planning. 

Stephen recalls marveling at San Francisco’s sloping townhomes that each carry their own views of the bay. On the other side of the country, towns like Seaside and Rosemary Beach in Florida have embraced the principles of New Urbanism, which uses a wide plethora of building types, heights, and purposes. Each is marveled for its stunning urban design. 

Closer to home, the Emerald City of Seattle uses downhill sloping retail to lead people to popular attractions like Pike Place Market and the piers. Pacific Northwest towns like Port Townsend, La Conner, and Astoria follow these design principles. The staggered buildings have shaped the neighborhoods and created timeless vistas that draw people to the water. 

Retail That Hugs The Coastline

Unlike anywhere else on the Washington Coast, Seabrook will have oceanfront retail that welcomes guests into the town.

“Beautiful homes and a stretch of large open beach are great, but a town needs a strong town center. Seabrook will be anchored by its growing retail and dining,” explained Casey.

Standing at the gateway of the town center along the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway will be a two-story upscale restaurant joining Seabook’s culinary scene. This is a natural addition to the town, with thousands of guests and homeowners looking for an environment to play, shop, and dine. Featuring large arched windows, this fine-dining restaurant offers unimpeded ocean views with two level seating.

“The perfect dining experience is elevated, local food in a beautiful setting,” described Casey, “With outdoor dining that hugs the boardwalk, the restaurant will celebrate ocean and sunset views while soaking in the energy of the coastline.”

Continuing up the hill from the restaurant will be additional retail spaces. Stephen would love to see a florist, jewelry store, and an art gallery in addition to a specialty shoe store.

“A shoe store would be great. Here on the coast you need everything from rain boots and hiking boots, to beach sandals, to something nice for a night out,” mentioned Stephen.

These retail spaces are expanding upon Market Street’s retail growth. As you stroll up to the center of town you’ll find the first block of established retail that joined the town center in 2018. This block hosts colorful stores offering clothing, toys, books, and souvenirs. 

“What makes a town really shine is a vibrant town center with curated dining and shopping that cater to the customer experience. Pacific Landing will elevate life here in Seabrook providing a front row seat on the ocean, just steps away from town,” mentioned Casey.

One Step Closer To The Complete Story 

Pacific Landing is not the final step in Seabrook’s development, but an important milestone in the evolution of the town. Spanning almost two decades, Seabrook has patiently built a town that meets the needs of the people. When a town is built with a focus on community, it creates people who love where they live.

Just over 19 years ago, Casey Roloff broke ground with the goal to create a purpose- built, walkable town that prioritized community. Today, the bustling town center, with sounds of laughter and crashing waves and the countless memories made are a testament to his vision. Pacific Landing, in another 19 years from now, will continue to serve as the gateway to Seabrook, welcoming all who wish to enjoy Washington’s Beach Town.

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