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Seabrook Welcomes Vista Bakeshop to Town Center

Get ready for the smell of fresh baked croissants, muffins, and sweet treats! Seabrook is proud to introduce Vista Bakeshop as the newest addition to Town Center.

The ones responsible for the fragrant scents of rising dough and fresh brewed coffee are Grace and Kameron, a culinary couple from Seattle.

Meet Grace & Kameron

Vista Bakeshop - Owners Grace and Kameron

They met while working at popular Seattle restaurant, Canlis, and fell in love. Their passion for incredible food and adventure brought them together and ultimately led them to Seabrook. 

“We were going to a music festival in Port Townsend and decided to make a whole adventure out of it and take the long way around to loop the peninsula,” reminisced Grace. 

They stayed in Pacific Beach just up the road and decided to come into town for dinner.

“We walked around and were taken back. There were families that just looked like they were having the time of their lives. I remember thinking about what life would be like if we lived on the coast and what we would do for work.” 

Years later, through the grapevine, Kameron heard about an idyllic town on the Washington Coast that was looking for a baker to open and run a bakery.

“The first thing that I thought of was Grace. So we decided to look into it and it turned out to be a perfect fit,” laughed Kameron. 

Grace always knew that she wanted to own her own restaurant. As she grew in the culinary world, her focus pinpointed towards a bakery.

“I started off as a line cook and I just wanted to learn everything about cooking,” mentioned Grace. “I was really lucky to work with some great restaurants in the Seattle area and when I saw a position open up at Canlis’ pastry department, I jumped right on it.”

Treat Yourself at Vista Bakeshop

Vista Bakeshop Logo

The name Vista Bakeshop is an homage to the integral design of Seabrook.

“When Casey Roloff took us on a town tour, he talked about how the town was mapped out and how everything was laid out to give the best view,” said Grace. “He used the words terminating vista a lot and it stuck with me. Vista also means an extended mental view and looking into the future. Which is a great metaphor for this business.” 

The bakeshop has a long way to come. Like a homemade pastry, it takes time to create something great. Grace and Kameron are expecting to get the shop up and running this summer after a light remodel of the space. In the winter, they are looking to expand and become a full cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. Vista Bakeshop was a really fitting name for their vision.

The interior design of the bakeshop is going to be very lively with locally sourced plants that are native to the coast.

“We chose the fern for our logo because it’s a symbol for the PNW and it fits the community so well.”

Fresh Baked Goodies

Grace is a wizard in the kitchen, always whipping up unique creations and experimenting with local and seasonal produce.

“The most satisfying thing to make is a simple, but really well done, croissant,” said Grace. “Mixing the dough, laminating it, shaping it, proofing it, then baking it. If every step is done right, the final product is so beautiful and tastes amazing. All the hours of work and practice pays off.”

“We want to be conscious of using as many local ingredients as we can,” noted Grace. Keep an eye out for pastries with produce from Sky Island Farms in Humptulips and seasonal fruits and veggies.

“Our local farmers and producers need our support and it feels really good to share your passion for growing and eating delicious food,” mentioned Kameron. 

Vista Bakeshop

“The first thing that we want to create is a chocolate buckwheat donut. Buckwheat has this amazing nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with chocolate. It’s something that’s a little adventurous and you might not expect of a bakery. We will also have a classic glazed donut done really well that anyone can enjoy,” described Kameron. 

Each trip to Vista Bakeshop will delight with new flavors and creations fresh out of the oven. Keep an eye out for melty cookies that will be the perfect addition to your beach picnic or a post-hike treat.

Pick up a dozen melt-in-your mouth cinnamon rolls for the whole family to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning. Try something new and fall in love with your new favorite concoction. Whichever way you go, Vista Bakeshop is sure to satisfy your craving. 

Coffee & Refreshing Beverages

From black drip coffee to carefully curated craft beverages, Vista Bakeshop will be your go-to for a morning cup of joe using Fulcrum Coffee Roasters. “A Borgia Mocha is something that I was recently introduced to that I want to bring to Vista. It’s a mocha with an orange peel. Usually, I’m not a big orange-and-chocolate person but I would drink one of those every day,” smiled Grace. 

For the kids, hot chocolate is never a bad option, but during those warm summer days, an Italian Soda is a fan favorite. “We have sparkling water and are planning on keeping the flavors really fun and fruity.” noted Grace. 

Vista Bakeshop - Opening Summer 2021

Living the Coastal Life

Part of the allure of working on the Washington Coast is the idea of being able to live where you want to vacation.

“I’m excited about slowing down and living life,” explained Kameron. “It’s been so crazy over the last 15 years. I just want to spend as much time kayaking and mountain biking as possible. It really feels like time slows down out here and you can appreciate every day.” 

You’ll see Grace and Kameron up early in the morning making everything from scratch, sneaking a quick sip of a Borgia Mocha, and exploring the town. If you spot them around, say hello and welcome them to Seabrook.

Follow Vista Bakeshop as they begin their story in Seabrook: Vista Bakeshop


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