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15 Feb 2018
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Introducing The Croft - nine NEW cottages in the Farm District

As told by Seabrook’s town planner Stephen Poulakos

Seabrook’s town plan has had cottage courts within them before.

However, we are updating the cottage court design, and creating a new one called The Croft. It’s going to be home for nine brand new homes in the Farm District.  The Croft is a small pocket park that will be fronted by these nine homes.

The four homes on the corners of the park have gracious front porches and nice intimate side yards. They have views of the Farm District’s beautiful barn and they also look onto the primary street that runs through the Farm District neighborhood.

The Croft micro-neighborhood itself is a nice little pocket park with a pedestrian entrance, and all of the homes’ front porches sit on this park.

And, within that park, you’ll have everything from a nice place for two people to sit and have a conversation with one another to a round fireplace in the very middle of the park that will have five to six adirondack chairs around it. In addition, it will have a corn hole court, one the primary amenities within a grass lawn area.

About the Design

Because we are in the Farm District, I wanted to make sure the Croft has beautiful perennial flowers, as well as some flowering fruit trees – elements that will make you feel as if you’re in the Farm District - which is where this neighborhood is located.

Almost all of Seabrook’s public spaces and parks, whether they be large parks or small parks tend to have one major element of gathering in it. And a lot of time we find that it is either around an outdoor fireplace or a specific fire pit.

In each individual neighborhood we try to create a different look and feel with parks and public spaces so each has their own unique style and existence within Seabrook. 

What’s Unique about The Croft?

Five of the nine houses are all one-level. We’ve had many people over the last few years asking for more one-level houses, so we’ve brought these plans into the Croft.

On the corners we have two-story houses. That’s an urban planning technique so that the main street corners have taller houses (in this case, two-stories tall), but then on the mid-block you have smaller homes. So you have bookends, if you will, on both ends of the park. And that’s what we’ve done with the Croft.

The Trillium is a two bedroom, two bath house, and this plan is found in the five houses in the middle of the Croft.  We’ve found that this plan appeals to everyone from empty-nesters to young families with young kids to a single person. The house is just the right size for just about everybody.

About the Floor Plans

The Croft has three different floor plans, with some variations.

Three of the corners offer a plan called the Maplewood, which has been one of our most popular plans because it has the ability to have a really nice mudroom on the rear of it.  Two of the three Maplewood lots also allow for a ground floor master bedroom, which is another thing that has been important for many of our buyers.

About the Trillium Floor Plan

The Trillium floor plan is an updated version of an older favorite that’s been in Seabrook for many years.

For example, both the North and South Alder Park neighborhoods offer a floor plan called the Alder Cottage, which remains a fan favorite at Seabrook.

One of the things we decided to do for The Croft neighborhood was to make these plans just slightly bigger because we wanted two full bathrooms. We then added two feet to the width of the home to also create a little bit more breathing room in the living room.  The result is a more spacious two bedroom plan with two full baths and a full size washer and dryer.

Beach Daisy Floor Plan

Completing The Croft, we have a one-of-a-kind house on the far northeast end of the park called a Beach Daisy.

This has also been a very popular plan in previous Seabrook neighborhoods. But in this instance, it sits proudly at the northeast corner of The Croft Park, tilting ever so slightly so it will get that western sunset streaming through the park.

The Croft – Now Selling

Interested in learning more about The Croft homes?  Register now for more information and a sales agent will be right back to you!  Or, give us a call at (360) 276-0099.  More details on each home can also be found within the Farm District home listings portion of our website.