Art of Townmaking

Seabrook is a dream that began years ago during childhood beach vacations in the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by those memories, and firmly rooted in the architectural traditions of a bygone era, we are creating an authentic beach village to nestle within the spectacular natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. It will itself grow even more beautiful with time.

Towns do not become great by accident. The best towns are inspired by our innate need for community, combined with easy accessibility to goods and services. Today this philosophy is known as "new urbanism" and it embraces the notion of sustainability as well. It's a return to a simpler time, before cars, when people lived near where they shopped, celebrated the arts and good food, and placed great importance on green space. Cars are welcome, and stowed thoughtfully in carefully conceived lanes and in carriage houses behind homes, but bikes and flip flops are the preferred means of transportation in Seabrook.

As it was then, it is now - these beautiful common gathering areas are still where community is strengthened, and memories are made and shared.