Be welcomed to one of Seabrook’s oceanfront homes where unwinding comes naturally with the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and quality amenities in each vacation home. Find the perfect getaway with a variety of oceanfront properties that are ideal for watching a sunset from a spacious deck, cozying up by the fireplace, relaxing in a private hot tub, and more.

Exploring the coastline through walk-on beach accesses is a short walk from the oceanfront homes, as is the town center where shopsrestaurants, an indoor pool, trails, and outdoor games await.

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Ocean Tails

From $660.90/night
4 3.5 12


From $525.33/night
4 4 8

Love Shack

From $552.09/night
3 3 6

Latitude Adjustment

From $504.82/night
3 3.5 8


From $1,144.31/night
7 6.5 20

Beach Bluff

From $972.17/night
5 5 15

Into the Mystic

From $525.33/night
3 3.5 10


From $1,212.99/night
6 5.5 14