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Buck's Bikes is a great place to get surfing equipment at Seabrook
(360) 580-5808

The North Beach (the area around Seabrook) is perfect for beginners as well as individuals still getting comfortable on a longboard in...

Skimboarding Washington Coast Seabrook
(360) 986-0325

Have you seen those skinny wooden boards under the feet of skillful people skittering along the water's edge? Low and behold, this...

Kayaking Olympic Peninsula Seabrook WA Coast
(360) 986-0325

Grays Harbor abounds with rivers and creeks that provide the perfect setting for exploring by kayak!  There are plenty of options: the...

The Ghost Forest Tour is a popular activity at Seabrook
(360) 580-5808

What’s the ghost forest?  In the year 1700, a large earthquake spurred a tsunami that flooded the Copalis River, creating what is...