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Have you seen them?

They stand on the shore leaning their bodies against the shovel-shaped watercrafts they call skimboards.

If you've spent time at the beach over recent years, then you've seen them: Boarders, typically young people, sprinting head long down the beach and jumping onto a thin wooden board that will hydroplane them into the crashing waves.

While skimboard might be considered a subculture of surfing, the sport has ridden a wave of popularity over recent years. Today, well over 1 million people skimboard on 5-pound pintail-shaped boards made using carbon-fiber technology adapted from aerospace to achieve maximum lightness and buoyancy.


For those who are unfamiliar with this sport, skimboarding is performed on a basebaord which looks similar to regular surfing. The difference is that a skimboard is slightly smaller than the surfboard; this is to let the board glide easily on the water. This sport is often refered to as skimming, where a person (skimmer) stands on the board and slides the board on shallow water. 

If you're looking to pick up a cool and physically challenging new beach hobby while you're at Seabrook, then perhaps skimboarding could be right down your alley.


One of the best things about skimboarding is you don't need much to get out there and start having fun. All you need is a slick shore, some waves, and a skimboard.

Visit Buck's Bikes and work with Buck to figure out which size board is best for you. Everything you'll need to get out on the water you'll be able to rent at Buck's Bikes along Front St.

Skimboarding Lessons

A skimboarding lessons with Buck teaches you the basics of skimming as well as how to read waves and ocean conditions to pick the perfect break for your skill level.

Meet up with Buck and get paired with a board suitable for your size and skill level. On the beach, learn how to read the ocean and choose the perfect wave as it rolls onto the sand beneath your toes. With your board in hand, make a run for the waves and prepare to jump on your board and glide across the sand into the Pacific Ocean.

Skimboarding Pool

Do you want to give skimboarding a try but don't want to start-out in the ocean? Buck's Bikes new skimboarding pool is the perfect for those who want to learn the sport in a controlled environment. Measuring 15 feet by 50 feet, the pool lets two people skimboard at the same time, ideal for people who want lessons or want to skim with a friend.


  • Seabrook is perfect. The beach in front of Seabrook is flat and the water is shallow which makes for perfect skimboarding conditions.
  • Falling is part of mastering the skill. As with any other sport that requires balance, you also end up falling from time-to-time. When you're learning to skimboard for the first time, you'll end up falling frequently. Don't let that deter you. Get back up and try again. You will get the hang of it. And once you do, there's a good chance you'll become obsessed with skimboarding.
  • Be physically prepared. There is a lot of running and jumping involved so stretch your legs, arms and back muscles before each sessions. 

Next time your at Seabrook and you're looking for a fun, new experience, head over to Buck's Bikes, grab a skimboard, and get down to the beach where you can apply your skills in the Seabrook surf.