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Seabrook offers plenty of spots to go and fly that kite to the highest height.

There are shops all over our coast that sell fun kites of all shapes and colors. Go to Red Cedar Surf Co., Brooklets Toy Store, or Buck's Bikes in town. You can also head to Pacific Beach to check out the kite selection at Hi Flyers Kites & Things

If you're up for it, you can even build a kite yourself! 

Build A Kite


  • Two-page spread of newspaper, plus an extra page for kite tails
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Kite String
  • Long sticks such as branches in the woods at least a quarter-inch thick
  • Sharpie marker

To Build:

  1. Using a Sharpie, draw the shape of a kite on a double-page spread of newspaper. Cut it out with scissors.
  2. Lay two sticks across the diamond-shaped newspaper in the shape of a cross. Tape the two sticks together in the center of the cross or use string to tie two sticks together in the center tightly. Cut the sticks to fit the ends of each corner of the diamond. For extra stability, make a notch in the end of each stick and run a string around the perimeter of the kite.

  3. Make a small cut at each of the four corners of the newspaper. Fold the edge of the newspaper over the string and tape all around the outside border of the newspaper to keep the outside edge from tearing in the wind. Tape the wooden cross sticks tightly and securely to the newspaper.

  4. Tie a long string onto the middle of the frame and make paper strips for the kite tail. The kite is ready to fly.

* Don't overlook the last step about a tail: if your kite seems unstable, create a tail and secure it to the bottom of the kite to add stability.

So bust out those kite flying skills and go catch some air on the shores of Seabrook.