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Originating deep in the heart of the Olympic Mountains, the Quinault River winds across the Olympic Peninsula and empties into Quinault Lake. As it flows through the “Enchanted Valley,” it presents many wonderful opportunities for fishing. But, Quinault River fishing, as enchanting as it may be, comes with some regulations you’ll need to consider. Here, we’ll inform you of everything you need to know about Quinault River fishing, so you can make the most of a fishing trip here.

The Quinault River Fishing

The rivers and streams of the Quinault River have long been known as some of the best fishing spots in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, six species of salmon populate the river’s waters, plus there are two hatcheries on the Quinault watershed. In addition to the variety of the salmon population, environmental factors are a boon to the fish’s vigor. Thanks to an annual average of 200 inches of rainfall and the presence of Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, and Douglas Fir trees, the watershed makes for an incredible return rate of salmon and steelhead in the area. All this considered, Quinault River fishing is a little different from other fishing in the state of Washington.

Why Fishing the Quinault River is Different

Most other rivers in Washington fall under the jurisdiction of the state. The Quinault River, however, is under the authority of the Quinault Tribe. Therefore, the only legal fishing on the Quinault River must be done so with a Quinault River Guide from the tribe. The advantage to this, though, is that state-regulated bag limits, the releasing of wild Chinook Salmon and wild Steelhead, and hook restrictions do not apply. This makes for some exhilarating angling and incredible memories!

Find a Quinault Tribal Fishing Guide

As the requirement for Quinault River fishing is to have a Quinault tribal fishing guide, you’ll need to set up your fishing trip ahead of time. Here are a few Quinault tribal fishing guides to consider: 

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