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Outdoor Activities

Hit the trails around Seabrook for a leisure hike and an easy way to connect with nature. From the popular Gnome Trail that connects to Elk Creek and all the way down to the beach, to the trails in the green belt between the Farm District and Lily Walk neighborhoods, Seabrook has plenty of easy hiking to start with. Walk through windswept trees and old, mammoth cedar stumps reminiscent of the activity that characterized the Washington Coast in the early 20th century.

If you`re feeling more adventurous, take a day trip and explore the rain forest in Olympic National Park. The easiest way to enter the Park is via the Lake Quinault area, from where there are plenty of great hikes full of waterfall views and lush greenery. After your hike, stop by Lake Quinault Lodge - a grand and rustic lodge built in 1926 that will instantly take you back to simpler times. Check out the great architecture and enjoy a warm meal in the historic Roosevelt Dining Room. Then retreat to your Seabrook cottage for a night around the fireplace or any of the firepits in town.

For futher information on all the available hikes on the Olympic Peninsula, visit the Washington Trails Association website.