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For Beach-Loving Dogs

Some like splashing in the surf or digging in the sand. Some favor jetting up and down the shoreline. There are dogs who chase frisbees into the waves and others who prefer watching safely from dry land. There are critters to meet, other dogs to greet, and just so many places to discover. At the end of a beach day, no wonder dogs are so tuckered out. We're not the only ones who love going to the beach; many of our four-legged pals like the sights and sounds and smells of an ocean experience, too.

Here are the best beaches and parks in the area to take your dog for a fun afternoon.

Seabrook Beach

Seabrook beach is one of the happiest places to be if you happen to be a canine. Wide and sandy, you’ll have plenty of space to frolic freely along the shoreline. And, as long as you stay within eye sight of your human and you listen to commands, you’re free to roam about leash free. Just remember to respect the wildlife, other dogs, and humans. 

So run around. Play fetch. Splash in the Pacific Ocean until your hearts content. And after an action-packed day, take in the sunset at Seabrook beach.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach State Park: ten acres of serenity and 2,300 feet of gorgeous ocean shoreline bliss.

This park is not specifically a dog park, which means it does not have a fenced off area for your dog to be off leash.

Instead, head out to the beach where there is plenty of room for games with your canine, including longer-range games like playing fetch or Frisbee. Just make sure your pup stays within eyesight and under voice control at all times.   

Overall, Pacific Beach and Seabrook is a great place to take your best friend for either a day trip or for a weekend out with family and friends.


Griffiths-Priday State Park is set on the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Copalis River and Connor Creek just sout of Seabrook.

With more than 8,000 feet of ocean shoreline, Griffiths-Priday State Park is a great place to play fetch with fido. 

There is a boardwalk that connects the dunes to the beach as well. Dogs are allowed anywhere in the park, but must be on an eight foot leash or less at all times.

Griffiths-Priday has lots of sandy dunes to romp in, and calm waters allow more adventurous dogs to take a quick dip. 

Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores is not just for humans.

A large area of this gracious beach is allocated for man’s best friend.

Butter Clam Street and Taurus Boulevard, close to the North Jetty, form the boundary lines for this fun dog beach with grassy dunes, sand, and lots of driftwood for pooches to fetch.

This is an off-leash beach where all dogs can feel the thrill of freedom, get some air in their hair, and splash in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great time with friendly pups and a virtual wonderland where woofers can catch a ball or Frisbee.

One note of caution: the changeable ocean currents can make swimming a challenge, so little pups might do well splashing about in the shore waves.

The Salty Dog

After a fun-filled day at the beach, you may want to head over to The Salty Dog and give fido a bath. Located in Seabrook at 215 S. Meriweather Street, The Salty Dog is a short-walk from Pacific Beach. The Salty Dog is a mecca for all types of breeds, so be prepared to find something perfect for your puppers. 

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