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There are few things more beautiful than a Seabrook sunset. There’s nothing more picturesque than our Earth right before and after the sun sets. The long shadows, the soft light, the golden hue that blankets the world - sunsets at Seabrook are simply breathtaking. 

While Leavenworth has Octoberfest and Puyallup has the Fair, Seabrook has the sunsets. So sink into your Adirondack chair and raise your glass to the magic moment when the sun kisses the horizon.

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Here is our guide to Sunsets at Seabrook in September

Book a Sunset & Wine Picnic Basket

We collaborated with our friends at Stowaway to bring you the most charming (and convenient) sunset supper ever. Think wine, charcuterie, cheese, fruit, and all the accessories you need packed snug in a basket. Just book it, pick up your basket, and return the dirty dishes for us to take care of. Call a Vacation Planner at (877) 779-9990 to book your stay and add this package. $75+tax

Cruise the Beach on a Sunset Bike Ride 

Take the official Seabrook mode of transportation on a casual ride along the coast. Seabrook and Buck's Bikes teamed up to offer a two-day bike rental package. The biggest question is if you'll go cruiser, or upgrade to fat tire, or tandem. Pack a snack and something refreshing to drink and get on the beach for a memorable sunset ride. Reserve your bikes by contacting our Vacation Planners at (877) 779-9990. $130+tax

Best Places to Catch a Seabrook Sunset

It's not too hard to find a spot to take in the sunset at Seabrook. Take a look at our fan favorite locations. Read more...


30 All-Time Greatest Seabrook Sunset Photos

Over the years thousands have taken to social media, photo contests, and to share with us their epic sunset photos. So we took a few moments (well, hours if we're honest) to gather up a few favorites. Read more...

Golden Hour: How to Take Amazing Sunset Photos at Seabrook

What better way to capture the moment of a picturesque sunset than to...well...take a picture of the sunset! We chatted with a few resident sunset seekers to learn how the best images are captured. Read more...

Taking Sunset Photos at Seabrook


Win a FREE Two-Night Stay in the Seabrook Sunset Idea Home

Now, put your sunset photo game to the test. We're giving away a two-night stay at Seabrook's very own Sunset Idea Home, built in collaboration with Sunset Magazine. Read more...

In the end, many things in life can wait, but the sunset is not one of them. So grab your camera, your sandals, and your loved ones, and head to the beach to take in the beautiful Seabrook sunsets.

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