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How Seabrook Differs From Ocean Shores, Wash.

The town of Ocean Shores, Wash. was developed during the early 1960s and is considered one of the premier developments on the Washington Coast. Until that time, the pristine Washington Coast had remained, for the most part, undeveloped, unlike its Oregon counterpart.

Because Ocean Shores was built during an era when Americans were passionate about driving and loved their automobiles, it is no wonder that getting around Ocean Shores, even from one shop to another shop across the street, requires the use of a car. Since the development of Ocean Shores in the 1960's, our society has become more environmentally aware: less intrigued by the automobile and more supportive of green building and living.

The town of Seabrook was built with a mindset that differs greatly from that the development of Ocean Shores. The developers of Seabrook consider Ocean Shores, Washington to be the antithesis of the town they dreamed of building on the Washington coast. The two coastal towns are literally down the road from one another, but the concepts that guide them are worlds apart. Though their proximity can be viewed as an obstacle, it also serves as a great comparison of traditional design verses the power of more thoughtful, environmentally aware design.

What sets Seabrook apart from Ocean Shores, Washington?

    • Ocean Shores, Washington was designed for cars, not pedestrians, so the roads are very wide and there are no sidewalks. Seabrook, on the other hand, was built with the pedestrian in mind; anywhere in this beautiful coastal town is accessible in a short five to ten minute walk.
    • Large lots and commercial developments flourish in Ocean Shores, Wa. Seabrook, however, is a true beach town, with quaint cottages and a planned town center that houses boutique businesses and local fare. You'll never find a strip mall in Seabrook.
    • The large-scale design of Ocean Shores, Washington has kept some Washingtonians from vacationing there, or on similarly developed parts of the Washington coast. Unlike Ocean Shores, Seabrook has been built on a much smaller footprint, with capturing the sound, smell and view of the ocean at the forefront of its design. Seabrook is an alternative vacation spot for Washingtonians who have typically chosen to vacation on the Oregon coast.
    • In Ocean Shores, Washington, there is no restriction on driving on the beach year round. Seabrook provides residents and vacationers with a protected beach where driving restrictions are in place, keeping the beach beautiful and usable for pedestrians.
    • Even the topography differs between Ocean Shores, Washington and its neighbor Seabrook. With an elevation of only ten feet, Ocean Shores, Wa is susceptible to damage. Seabrook, however, sits at an elevation of one hundred feet, making it a unique spot in coastal Washington.
  • Ocean Shores, Washingtonwas built parallel to the ocean, with the beach as the central focus. Rather than following this usual format, Seabrook was developed around the town center to foster community. Everything in town, including the beach, is easily accessible by walking or biking.

Seabrook is unlike any other beach town on the Washington Coast. While Ocean Shores, Washington has existed since the 1960's and may be one of the most well-known of Washington's coastal vacation spots, it cannot offer the same thoughtful design and strong community that is prevalent in Seabrook.

Vacationers in Seabrook enjoy the accessibility of all attractions being within a short walk or pleasant bike ride. Instead of mainstream stores, residents will delight in shopping at locally-owned boutique businesses and dining at quaint restaurants. Public spaces abound in Seabrook, with walking trails, an amphitheater, playground, park, performing arts center and more. And, of course, an unspoiled stretch of beautiful Washington beach is only a short walk, run or bike ride away.