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Oregon coast real estate has a rich history that has evolved over the past century. Oregon coast homes are settled in small towns and villages, which have remained hot spots for vacationers from not only the metropolitan area of Portland, but also surrounding cities, states and other areas of the country.

The development of Oregon coast real estate molded the towns of Cannon Beach, Manzanita and Gearhart into long-standing favorite beach towns of travelers. Each summer vacationers from all over have rented Oregon coast homes, enjoying the refreshing scene of quaint towns and beautiful coastlines. Oregon coast real estate appeals to individuals from the Portland, Oregon area, as well as those from neighboring cities, states and other areas of the country.

Although Washington has some beautiful coastline, for years Oregon coast real estate was able to offer something that real estate on the Washington coast could not. The Seattle, Washington metropolitan area has a larger population than that of Portland, but the Washington coast did not have towns that were compelling enough to attract local tourists.

As a result, many Washingtonians would skip the Washington coast, heading straight for beaches in the neighboring state of Oregon. Vacationers gravitated to Oregon with expectations of finding higher quality beaches. Known for their family-friendly atmosphere, Oregon Coast towns have continued to grow throughout the twentieth century, transforming into highly esteemed vacation spots in the Northwest.

Seabrook: A Treasure on the Washington Coast

Casey Roloff, the founder of Seabrook, has firsthand experience with Oregon Coast real estate, having spent ten years living in a beachfront Oregon coast home. In 2002, Casey developed Bella Beach, a sought-after piece of Oregon coast real estate, where cottages have sold at an unheard of rate. Upon the completion of Bella Beach, Casey began looking for another property, and there wasn't the kind of developable land he was looking for in Oregon. So he extended his search to coastal Washington, and he found the beautiful property where Seabrook now inhabits.

Since vacationers know and love the Oregon coast, Casey knew it made sense to bring this sensibility to the Washington coast, building Seabrook to be similar to popular towns in Oregon like Cannon Beach and Manzanita. But with more thought and better planning, Seabrook would be a better town than even those lining the Oregon coast.

How Seabrook is Different on the Washington Coast

Real estate on the Washington coast, prior to the development of Ocean Shores, Washington, which was built in the 1960s, had potential that was not fully realized. The creation of Ocean Shores offered Washingtonians a beach town that was close to home, unlike the Oregon coast homes where Washington residents would typically vacation. 

Ocean Shores, however, was not built using the same principles as the towns on the Oregon coast. Homes were available, and a beach town established, but it seemed that something was still missing from the Washington coast, until the development of Seabrook.

Taking Inspiration from the Oregon Coast

Seabrook was developed artistically, with a master plan that makes everything a resident could need easily accessible in a short five minute walk from home. When building Seabrook and researching comparable Oregon coast real estate, Casey realized that building a successful town makes it a place of the soul, not just a bunch of houses based on a builder's formula. And that is the experience he plans for those building in or visiting Seabrook.

The majority of Oregon coast homes, as well as those on the Washington coast, are located in towns that were developed parallel to the ocean, often making them difficult to be walk-able. Seabrook was designed with walking in mind: rather than being parallel to the ocean like many Oregon coast home developments, everything is built around the town center. So instead of driving from place to place, residents and visitors can enjoy the leisure of walking or biking to the next destination.

Most importantly, unlike many Oregon coast homes, each home in Seabrook is within walking distance of the town center and all retail and common areas and one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline you can find on the Oregon or Washington coast.