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What Are the Best Beaches Near Seattle?

When you’re looking for the best destination to visit and escape the city life for a few days, there are beautiful beaches near Seattle, WA, perfect for a weekend away. Head towards the Olympic National Park to explore the famous Ruby Beach with towering sea stacks and picturesque driftwood. Or, you can spend the weekend in the charming beach town of Seabrook and relax in a cottage on the water. Explore the area’s many Things Do including an abundance of activities and attractions.


Our Favorite Beaches Near Seattle, WA

Ruby Beach

One of the most popular beaches near Seattle, WA, Ruby Beach is a uniquely beautiful place to explore. Considered part of the Olympic National Forest, this stretch of sand is home to a combination of ocean and forest landscapes. Unusual geological formations known as sea stacks line the shore, and the sandy is said to resemble rubies, giving the beach its name.

Though the area is lovely, this beach is not known to be the best place for swimming or sunbathing. The waves are often big and rough while the shoreline can be rocky. Most people visit Ruby Beach to explore the rugged, wild landscape. Be sure to check the tide pools for unique marine life and check the whale migration patterns to find out if you might be able to spot a few as they pass the beach!

Pacific Beach State Park

Less than two miles from Seabrook, Pacific Beach State Park is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a more traditional beach where you can spend the day lounging on the sand. Anglers can cast a line from the shore, or you can try clam digging, a favorite coastal activity in Washington state.


Damon Point

If you head 30 minutes south of Seabrook, you’ll find four miles of stunning shoreline at Damon Point. Located within Grays Harbor, this area is one of the best places to go for a stroll. Birdwatchers will want to bring along their binoculars and keep an eye out for bald eagles, shorebirds, and even snowy owls in the winter. Spend some extra time hiking around and wander over to Protection Island, a small spit of sand extending off the mainland.

Stay in a Seabrook Cottage Rental

Visiting Seabrook is a great way to escape to some of the beautiful beaches near Seattle, WA. Seabrook Cottage Rentals has properties available throughout the town in a range of sizes able to accommodate couples and large groups. When you stay in Seabrook, you’ll have easy access to an abundance of attractions and activities, including the Olympic National Park, beaches, restaurants, and hiking trails.

The Anchor Down property is a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom property that sits right on the shore of the beach. With room to accommodate up to 10 guests, this home also offers guest access to the community hot tub and firepit. From the sunroom, you’ll have ocean vistas and proximity to beach trails, while the kitchen provides a view of the Seabrook amphitheater.

Anchor Down property

Browse our complete catalog of available properties and start planning your coastal getaway today!

Where are the Best Washington Coast Beaches?

The Pacific Northwest is abundant with beautiful natural landscapes from lush forests and towering mountains to rocky beaches and cerulean blue waters. During your visit to this region, you should seek out some of the most stunning Washington coast beaches, including one right near our charming coastal town, Seabrook! Whether you’re looking to spend the day lounging or walking along the shore or you’d like to try some water activities like digging for clams or paddleboarding, you’ll find plenty to do at each of these locations.

As you begin to plan your adventure to the Pacific Northwest to visit the Washington coast beaches, be sure to check out our Things Do pages with information on the best outdoor activities and attractions, including water sports.

Discover These Washington Coast Beaches

Ruby Beach

Considered to be part of the Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach is less than an hour and a half drive from Seabrook, Washington. Pack your beach bags and get ready for a day trip to one of the best beaches in Washington state known for its unique sea stacks and intriguing red-colored sand. Once you discover the mystery of this famous beach, you may end up wanting to spend the whole day exploring over the large pieces of driftwood and through the unique rock formations. However, you should bring a sturdy pair of sandals or water shoes along as this beach is very rocky.


Ocean Shores

The beach in Ocean Shores, WA, is a closer option for travelers looking to stay near Seabrook. Here, you can explore several parks and beaches, including Ocean City State Park, the North Jetty, and the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area. Though the North Jetty is not the best beach for relaxing on the sand as there are a lot of jagged rocks and rough waters, it is an excellent spot to search for unique seashells and pieces of agate.

The Ocean City State Park is the perfect place to take the family for a beach day. Lounge on the shore or explore the landscape in search of shells and marine critters. If you’re interested in trying the popular local activity known as clam digging, Ocean City State Park is one of the best places for it! To find out more about clam digging in Washington state, check out our blog. After you’ve explored the beach, you can try some of our other favorite Things Do in Ocean Shores!

Enjoy a Stay in a Charming Seabrook Cottage Rental

If you’re looking for a unique destination for your next getaway, our beautiful town of Seabrook is an excellent option with proximity to some of the best Washington Coast beaches as well as dozens of indoor and outdoor activities. During your stay, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home with the excitement of exploring a new place. Choose from one of our oceanview properties or opt to stay in the heart of our charming town.

Large families or multiple groups traveling together will love this Something Blue property right along the beach. With room for up to 10 guests, this property offers plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing, including a back patio with Adirondack chairs, a hot tub, firepit, and two living rooms. In the evenings, you can take an after-dinner walk along one of the many nearby hiking trails or head to the beach for a West Coast sunset.

Browse our complete collection of available properties and start planning your getaway today!


Best Pacific Northwest Vacation Destination

Filled with stunning mountain ranges, open wine country, and gorgeous beaches, the Pacific Northwest is a region of the US everyone should visit during their lifetime. If you’re interested in seeing this area of the country, but you’re unsure of where to stay, let us inspire you with some Pacific Northwest vacation ideas. Seabrook is a charming beach town in Washington state that showcase all the best aspects of the region from beaches to hiking trails.

As you consider these Pacific Northwest vacation ideas, be sure to check out our Outdoor Activities page to learn about exciting activities in the area. If you want to experience the best of Washington state hiking trails, browse our guide to the Olympic National Park, which is less than an hour drive from Seabrook.

More Vacation Ideas in the Pacific Northwest

Horseback Riding Along the Beach

If you’re planning to visit the Pacific Northwest, you can’t miss an opportunity to hit the beach. No matter what time of year you travel to the area, the beaches are stunning, and the sunset views over the ocean are unlike anything you’ve seen before. For a unique way to explore the shores of Seabrook, you can take the entire family on a horseback riding excursion. Honey Pearl Ranch and Chenois Creek Horse Rentals both offer tours along the beach so you and your family can witness the beautiful landscape while learning more about the region from your skilled guide.

Clam Digging

Another popular activity along the Washington coast is clam digging. This activity requires just a few simple supplies including a bucket and a shovel or a clam tube, which can be purchased in town or online. Anyone can dig for clams along the beach no matter your experience level, but be sure to review the state harvesting laws before heading out.

A Taste of the Local Food Scene

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest coastal areas are known for delicious, fresh seafood. While vacationing in this region, you wouldn’t want to miss out on experiencing some of the tastiest seafood around. If you decide to try clam digging, you can bring home your catches and cook them up yourself in your vacation rental. Or, you can check out one of the nearby restaurants and try popular dishes likes razor clam chowder.

Come Home to a Seabrook Cottage Rental

While further researching your vacation ideas in the Pacific Northwest, you should consider booking one of our beautiful Seabrook Cottage Rentals. Staying in a vacation rental allows you and your family all the comforts of home in an exciting new destination. Our properties offer top amenities and have been updated to include modern appliances and features.

To see more rental options, browse our complete catalog of available properties and start planning your getaway today!


A Local’s Guide to Ocean Shores, WA

Our beautiful, small beach town Seabrook, WA, offers travelers plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure. But, while you’re in the area, you should explore some of the other unique surrounding towns. Less than 30 minutes south of Seabrook, Ocean Shores is a stunning coastal town and the perfect place to spend a day with the family. To find out more about the best Things Do in Ocean Shores, WA, read our guide!

As you’re planning your trip to Seabrook, be sure check out our Things Do page, where you’ll find even more suggestions on Things Do in Ocean Shores, WA, plus information on water activities and local restaurants. You can also browse our Events page to see which exciting happenings take place during your trip.

Our Favorite Things Do in Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean City State Park

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, Ocean City State Park has countless outdoor activities available. Walk along the Pacific Coast or sign up for a horseback ride along the water for something a bit more adventurous. With an abundance of wildlife, this area is an excellent destination for birdwatchers and anyone interested in digging for razor clams.

Visit the North Jetty

This rocky beach area is not ideal for sunbathing, but the walk along Grays Harbor provides gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and allows for ample opportunities to spot sea lions. The washed-up driftwood that decorates the shore creates an eerily beautiful atmosphere. Rock and shell collectors will want to keep an eye out for unique finds here like pieces of agate rocks and interesting seashells.

Experience the Local Art Scene

With several galleries in town, Ocean Shores is a great place for art enthusiasts to explore. Fusions Gallery on Point Brown Avenue displays work by dozens of local and regional artists. You can also check out the art scene along the same street at The Gallery of Ocean Shores, where you’ll discover even more work from talented locals.

Stay in a Charming Seabrook Cottage Rental

After experiencing all the exciting Things Do in Ocean Shores, WA, you and your family will want a comfortable place nearby to spend the night. Our Seabrook Cottage Rentals are located throughout the town and can accommodate parties of all sizes. Choose from oceanfront properties or charming cottages within the town.

Browse our complete catalog of available properties and start planning your Pacific Northwest getaway today! We can’t wait to help make your trip unforgettable.

Our Guide to the Best Summer Activities in Washington State

Summertime is one of the most beautiful seasons to experience the West Coast. With dozens of intriguing mountain hikes and pristine beaches, the list of summer activities in Washington state is nearly endless. Stay close to Seabrook to wander through beach trails where you’ll discover unique wildlife, or make a day trip to the Olympic National Park for a day of hiking.

As you begin planning your trip, be sure to check out our outdoor activities page for even more ideas on summer activities in Washington state!

Top Summer Activities in Washington State


When visiting Seabrook, WA, a trip to the Olympic National Park is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. About 40 minutes from this charming seaside town, the Quinault Rain Forest located within the Olympic National Park is the perfect day trip destination. Here, you can explore several hiking trails ranging from easy to intermediate, including the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail. Drive further into the national park to discover more challenging trails, additional waterfalls, and unique forest landscapes.

Visiting the Beaches

Seabrook is famous for the many nearby beaches. Stretching along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, these beautiful destinations are perfect for shell hunting, sunset picnics, horseback riding, or just relaxing by the water. In Seabrook, you’ll find several marine walking trails, or you can head to the next town Ocean Shores to explore more coastal routes. With some of the most beautiful beach hiking trails in Washington state, this town is home to favorite routes like those found at Damon Point State Park.

Whale Watching

During the right time of the year, whale watching is a popular activity in Seabrook. Though you have a better chance of spotting these magnificent creatures in the winter, it is possible to catch the tail end of their spring migration. Several types of whales migrate twice a year between the warm waters of Mexico and the cool seas of Washington. When visiting, ask the locals if any whales have been seen recently, then take to the shores to see if you can spot some yourself!

Clam Digging

With an abundance of razor clams found along the shores of Seabrook, clam digging is a top summer activity in Washington state. Read our guide to the Washington clam tides, then purchase a few simple tools and hit the beach! Be sure to review the state harvesting laws before you start digging.  

Seabrook Cottage Rentals

When exploring the many summer activities in Washington state, you’ll need a comfortable place to come and relax at the end of the day. Seabrook Cottage Rentals offers the perfect properties for groups of all sizes! This Something Blue home can accommodate up to ten guests and features a private, outdoor hot tub. The kids will love playing in the media room in the evenings while the adults unwind on the back patio with beautiful ocean views. Remodeled in 2016, the house incorporates dozens of modern amenities and chic decor.

Browse our complete collection of available properties and start planning your Washington state getaway today!

All About Roosevelt Beach in WA

While staying on the Pacific Coast, you must take advantage of the all the stunning beaches in the area. Take a 6-minute drive south of Seabrook to explore Roosevelt Beach in WA! One of the most beautiful stretches of sand, this beach offers an abundance of great activities. Here’s our guide to fun Things Do on Roosevelt Beach.

Find out more about Roosevelt Beach in WA and other area beaches when you visit our Things Do page. You’ll find local insight and recommendations on Things Do in the area and places to eat. Plus, take a look at the Events page to find out what’s happening in Seabrook, WA!

How to Enjoy Roosevelt Beach in WA

A visit to Seabrook is a beach lover’s dream! With so many coastal parks, walking trails, and long stretches of sand, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Roosevelt Beach in WA. Located in Pacific Beach, Roosevelt Beach is less than 3 miles from Seabrook and 5 miles from Copalis Beach, another popular spot. If you find yourself still craving more beach time, check out these other amazing beaches in Ocean Shores, WA.

Take in the Picturesque Landscape

Surrounded by towering cliffs and thick woods, Roosevelt Beach has a natural landscape like no other. If you prefer a quiet, peaceful beach setting, this area is less crowded than other beaches like Copalis Beach.

Walk along the shores to explore this exciting scenery or rent a 4×4 and drive over the sand! This part of the coast is technically considered a Washington state highway, so you must possess a valid drivers license and follow the 25 mph speed limit at all times. Head to Roosevelt Beach in the evening to witness an incredible West Coast sunset.

Partake in Popular Activities

Clamming is one of the most popular activities on the beaches of Washington state. If you’ve never tried before, your visit to Seabrook is the perfect opportunity! Read up on the WA clam tides and find out everything you need to know about Washington state clam digging. Then, hit the sand and give it a try!

Roosevelt Beach is also known to offer a clear vantage point for whale watching. Though you’re not guaranteed to spot one, if you keep a lookout, you may just catch a glimpse of an orca or gray whale during one of their migration periods. Seals are another animal often spotted in this area. An assortment of marine life washes up on this part of the shore throughout the year. Help the kids look for all kinds of critters hidden in the sand or search for seashells to take home as a souvenir.

Relax in a Comfortable Seabrook Cottage Rental 

As you plan your trip to the Pacific Northwest, consider booking a Seabrook Cottage Rental. Centrally located near popular sites and activities, our properties can accommodate groups both small and large.  

If planning a trip with a big group, check out this Nantucket House rental. This 5 bedroom oceanfront property with a carriage house can sleep up to 18 guests. Tucked into the bluff that overlooks the beach, this home offers stunning views from the porch. Walk straight to the property from the sand and rinse off in the outdoor shower before going inside. Then, enjoy an evening dinner outdoors and take advantage of the gas grill!

Browse a complete catalog of our available properties and start planning your trip to Seabrook, WA today!

Here's What You Need to Try at Frontager's Pizza in Seabrook

“Life’s better with pizza.” Come see why this timeless wisdom from Frontager’s Pizza is so true when you visit their location here in Seabrook, Washington. Their Neopolitan style pies incorporate local ingredients for a tasty twist on the classics! Make time to savor a meal here during your next trip to Seabrook. When you head out for a delicious pizza or Italian meal at Frontager’s Pizza, take some time to explore all of the other great things our area has to offer as well. There are plenty of ways you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to Seabrook, Washington’s Beach Town. Our many attractions and activities can help you have a wonderful experience of the area, whether you come with family, friends, or as part of a corporate retreat. No matter why you find yourself in Seabrook, our Things Do page will help you get the most out of your trip. It contains recommendations for excellent places to eat, play, and stay in the area. Take a look today and discover the best that coastal Washington has to offer.

What to Try at Frontager’s Pizza in Seabrook, Washington


When you visit Frontager’s Pizza’s, the smell will make you want to beeline straight to the pies. However, you don’t want to miss the chance to try their delicious starters, as well. Try the Warm Marinated Olives or Whipped Ricotta for a simple way to begin your meal. The Littleneck Clams Di Forno are a great way to experience a staple of the Washington Coast, Frontager’s style. If you come with a crowd (or just a really big appetite), try the Antipasti Board to sample the best of their appetizers. It serves six.


This is why you’re here! Frontager’s Pizza serves amazing brick oven-fired pizza made with ingredients from right here on the Olympic Peninsula. Our suggestion is to try a couple of their classics alongside a couple of their more creative pies. The Margherita (pulled mozzarella, heirloom tomato, whole basil, balsamic, San Marzano tomato) is a sure crowd pleaser, as is the Neopolita Marinara (confit garlic, basil, and oregano). For some non-traditional choices, consider the fennel sausage leek, and red onion pizza, or have breakfast on your pizza when you try the cracked egg, smoked bacon, and fingerling potato-topped pie. No matter what you choose, just remember that it’s really hard to go wrong here – everything is delicious! See their full menu for the complete list of pizzas and more.


Don’t forget dessert! Feed your sweet tooth with some the exquisite gelato at Frontager’s Pizza. Try the house made flavor of the day, or try the chocolate of vanilla bean options. Take it up a notch with the addition of chocolate ganache or a brownie, or go for the Strawberry Gelato Pie for something unexpected.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Night at a Seabrook Cottage

After a delicious meal at Frontager’s Pizza or another one of the great restaurants in Seabrook, Washington, come relax at a Seabrook Cottage. With fully equipped kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and all kinds of amenities, our homes have everything you need to make your trip smooth, fun and memorable. They are the perfect places to enjoy a restful night, and you’ll love having breakfast on the deck of an oceanview rental in the morning. We have homes that range in style, size, and price, and one is sure to accommodate your needs. Whether you come to Seabrook on a romantic retreat, family vacation, a business trip or a getaway with friends, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today! We would love to help you plan your amazing trip to Seabrook, Washington!

3 of the Best Restaurants Near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall

A great meal is never far off in Seabrook! Whether you’re here for a retreat, event, or just enjoying a family vacation, these three restaurants near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall will satisfy and impress. Let local chefs take care of dinner and enjoy dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and extra care. Make sure to leave room for dessert! Please the foodie in you when you eat at one of these restaurants near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall. Indulge your other appetites when you visit our seaside location as well! Our Things Do page can tell you about the most interesting activities to pursue while you’re here. There is plenty of outdoor fun to be had, in addition to shopping, events, and more. Take a few minutes to look it over before your trip – it could save you hours in planning time. Experience the best of Seabrook with a few of our simple suggestions!

2 of the Best Restaurants Near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall

Frontager’s Pizza Restaurant

Few things can bring the family together like a great pizza. Frontager’s Pizza Restaurant serves brick oven-baked pies daily. Fresh, local ingredients make for amazing pizzas and stromboli, and the antipasti (appetizers) are amazing as well. Try the Roasted Local Rafini or the Littleneck Clams di Forno before your main course. If you don’t feel like heading out, not to worry. Like any good pizza restaurant, Frontager’s will deliver your order to your Seabrook Cottage rental home.

The Stowaway

The Stowaway is one of the top restaurants near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall for a quick evening bite. Specializing in fine wines and small plates, it’s an ideal location for gathering and unwinding with friends. Try their assorted cheese and charcuterie as you sip one of their recommended vintages. Drink by the glass or sample a few of their best offerings when you order a flight at The Stowaway.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When dinner is done, head to the Sweet Life to end the night. Their local, small-batch ice cream is made with regional flavors. You’ll also love reminiscing with their artisanal and retro candies. Of course, we can’t forget to mention their Bean-to-Bar Chocolate line, which is both fair-trade and delicious!

After Dinner, Relax at Your Seabrook Cottage

When you’ve had a meal at one of these excellent restaurants near the Seabrook, WA Town Hall, you’ll walk back to your Seabrook Cottage with a smile on your face. After you arrive, relax in one of the comfortably furnished rooms, enjoy the breeze on the deck, or take a soak in the hot tub before bed. Whatever you decide, your Seabrook rental home will be the perfect place to end the night. Browse our vacation homes and find the one that’s best for your next trip to Seabrook. We look forward to welcoming you to Washington’s Beach Town!

Have the Best Weekend Getaway from Portland!

It’s Monday morning. The sun is rising, and your alarm clock goes off. You roll out of bed and into the groove that marks the cyclical flow of your typical week. Coffee, work, meals, and your preferred entertainment are all in their proper order. To-do lists get checked off in the usual manner. The days run together, and they sprint. Then, it’s Sunday night. If you’re anything like most people, the daily routine can become a bit monotonous over time. Change your scenery and switch your mindset with one of the best weekend getaways from Portland. Seabrook, Washington is the perfect place to hit the refresh button and find a much-needed change of pace. To find out more about this gem of the Washington Coast, check out the North Beach area for yourself. An interesting history combined with a gorgeous location has resulted in the emergence of this unique, stunning town. At under 3.5 hours from the city center, you can leave work on a Friday and make it here just in time for sunset on the beach.

Seabrook, WA: One of the Best Weekend Getaways from Portland

Getting Here

You can hit the road from Portland, OR and arrive in Seabrook, WA in less time than it takes to watch the average game of football. Even better, the drive is relatively simple. To get to Washington’s Beach Town:

  • Take I-5 North
  • Get on US-12 in Elma
  • Take US-101 North and Ocean Beach Road into Seabrook

The whole trip should take less than 3.5 hours, barring extreme circumstances. The drive is straightforward, and the destination is well worth it.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of reasons that a trip to Seabrook makes for one of the best weekend getaways from Portland. First, the beauty of the area is unparalleled. Situated on a bluff alongside the Pacific Ocean, the scenery is a rejuvenating change from primarily urban landscapes. The town’s intentional focus on walkability and nature underscores this point. Finally, Seabrook Cottages are amazing places to enjoy your time away from Portland. They provide the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury. Seabrook Cottages are diverse in design and location, ensuring that there is something every visitor will enjoy. For a girlfriends getaway or romantic retreat, try the cozy Hello Sunshine. It’s bright yellow exterior is the color of happiness, and it only gets better when you step inside. Natural light warms this cozy home, and the open side porch soaks up the sun while still being protected from the wind. It’s also a mere 5-minute walk from the beach. If you’re looking to plan something grand, there are several cottages that are perfect for a lavish weekend or group event by the sea. Plan a weekend retreat or meet extended family at the Bella Vita. Gorgeous ocean views, top-tier amenities, and a spacious interior (it sleeps up to 12) make this home ideal for larger gatherings.

How to Maximize Your Weekend Away from Portland

After you pull into town, check in, and receive the keys to the rental home of your dreams, venture out into the town. Seabrook is a wonderful place to unplug and recharge yourself for a few days. You’ll enjoy warm sun and cool ocean breezes as you walk along the beach. Walk or bike to the town center to browse the shops on Saturday afternoon. When you come in season, clam digging is a popular activity. Bring a shovel, a bucket, and an appetite! For the ultimate guide to fun Seabrook and North Beach activities, check out our Things Do page. It’s the best way to get acquainted with the town before you arrive. If you have questions about Seabrook or booking your ideal Seabrook Cottage, contact us today. Our staff are ready to help you start planning what’s sure to be one of your favorite weekend getaways from Portland!

Have the Best Trip Exploring These 3 Washington Coast Towns!

If a road trip through the Pacific Northwest isn’t already on your bucket list, now is the time to grab your pen. A vacation exploring the gorgeous scenery along the ocean is one you’ll never forget. Add even more memories to your trip when you stop in these 3 amazing Washington Coast towns. Each of them offers a unique perspective of the shoreline as well a different array of activities for you to enjoy.  Plan your trip through these Washington Coast towns around fun regional events. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Pacific Northwest when you participate in fun festivals, games, outdoor events and more alongside the people who call this area home. Take a look at Seabrook, Washington’s calendar of events to see what’s coming up, and add your favorites to the to-do list for your trip.

3 Washington Coast Towns to Visit on Your Next Road Trip

Long Beach, WA

Long Beach is definitely one of the Washington Coast towns you should visit on your drive up the coast. Check out a few of the area’s museums, historical sites, and attractions. Visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Cape Disappointment for information about Lewis and Clark, who explored the area during their famous expedition over 200 years ago. For something more whimsical, stop at The World Kite Museum. Marsh’s Free Museum satisfies the desire to view the strange and unusual; make sure to take a photo with “Jake the Alligator Man” while you’re there!

Westport, WA

Westport will give you a taste of life in an adorable fishing town. Take advantage of miles of beaches, a scenic boardwalk, and great crabbing. This sleepy area is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Meander through the town on a driving tour, or head straight to the shore to fish. Westport is a popular surf destination as well, so make sure to bring your surf board or rent one at the beach while there. Either way, a quick stop here will go a long way to helping you de-stress and enjoy the little things in life.

Seabrook, WA

Seabrook, often labeled Washington’s Beach Town, is the place to visit when you’re looking for a blend of nature, comfort, and community. Its location on a scenic bluff makes it the perfect picturesque beach town. There is also plenty to do in Seabrook, from walking and biking trails to clamming on the shore, to enjoying the area’s many memorable events and activities. With more than a dozen boutique shops and restaurants, Seabrook is a great place to explore and support the local community. One of the best things about Seabrook is the feeling you’ll have while you’re there. The community is characteristically friendly, and the town’s establishments are inviting and warm. This intentional community was also designed with sustainability in mind (note the tendency of residents to bike and walk). It’s also very pet friendly, so don’t fret about bringing your furry friend along!

Find the Perfect Beach Home for Your Vacation

The Pacific shoreline is gorgeous, and you’re sure to have a great time when you visit these Washington Coast towns on your road trip. There will come a point, though, when you’re ready to give the wheel a rest and enjoy some time with your feet on the ground (or in the sand). Seabrook is the perfect place to stop for a few days and take in the ocean air. Whether it’s your final stop or a resting place before you head further north, you’ll love our cozy, fully equipped vacation homes. The Seaberry provides the quintessential seaside escape, with its fireplace, luxury kitchen, and beautiful ocean views. If you’re traveling with your sweetheart, try the Love Shack. Lounge in the hot tub at night and have your coffee together on the balcony when the sun rises. This cottage is just steps from the beach and across the street from the town center. The Nantucket House is another great option – one of the best places to meet up with extended family or a large group of friends for a reunion. This luxurious property has an open floor plan, beautiful ocean vistas, and sleeps 18. There are so many wonderful homes to choose from in Seabrook, WA. Take some time to browse all of the Seabrook Cottages and find the one that works best for you. Having trouble deciding? Contact us today and let us help you start planning your amazing trip!