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09/17/2021 - 4:30am to 02/27/2022 - 5:00pm
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It's time for clam chowder, fried clams, and all of your favorite clam dishes!

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced the following tentative razor clam digs for Mocrocks and Copalis beaches.


  • January 15, Saturday at 5:22 PM in Copalis
  • January 16, Sunday at 5:59 PM in Mocrocks
  • January 17, Monday at 6:34 PM in Copalis
  • January 19, Wednesday at 7:41 PM in Copalis
  • January 29, Saturday at 4:30 PM in Mocrocks
  • January 30, Sunday at 5:21 PM in Copalis


  • February 1, Tuesday at 6:52 PM in Copalis
  • February 2, Wednesday at 7:34 PM in Mocrocks
  • February 3, Thursday at 8:13 PM in Copalis
  • February 15, Tuesday at 6:09 PM in Mocrocks
  • February 16, Wednesday at 6:42 PM in Copalis
  • February 18, Friday at 7:45 PM in Copalis
  • February 26, Saturday at 3:18 PM in Copalis
  • February 27, Sunday at 4:16 PM in Mocrocks

Per the WDFW, no razor clam digging is permitted before 12:00 PM when the low tides take place in the afternoon or evening hours.

For more information, licensing parameters, and updates, visit: Razor Clam Seasons And Beaches

To learn more about clam digging on the Washington Coast, check out our blog: Everything You Need To Know About Washington State Clam Digging

First time clam digging? Buck's Northwest in Seabrook offers guided digs at Mocrocks and Copalis beach — fun for the whole family! And clam digging licenses are available to purchase at Buck's Northwest, along with gear to rent or buy. For more information, visit: Buck's Northwest - Razor Clam Season

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Razor Clam Digging On Mocrocks Beach