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07/17/2018 - 10:00am
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Outdoor Activities

NatureBridge is running a new collaboration at Seabrook this summer. On July 17, August 4 and August 21, their educators will be on-site leading two experiences. The AM “Kids Only” experience is geared toward youth entering 4-6th grades and will run for approximately two hours. The PM session is for families of all ages and will also run for approximately two hours.

Meet at The Stump atop of Gnome Trail

NatureBridge Educators will be on site 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Parents will be asked to fill out a short release form.

What To Bring: Bring a day pack with the following: Water Bottle, Notebook/pencil, Sun/Wind/Warm Layers, and Sunscreen. Bring munchies for a designated snack break during the session.

July 17th- Seabrook Habitats - Explore the forest to ocean habitat. Use methods and scientific tools that are representative of actual field practices used by professionals. Students will be measuring variables to determine relationships between biotic and abiotic variables over a relatively short physical distance.

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August 4th- Our Changing Sea - Where does it come from? Where does it go? Find out the sources and determine solutions to one of our ocean’s most pervasive problems. Explore how excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is changing the chemistry of the ocean and the implications this will have for marine animals.

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August 21st- Scientists Explore - Closely observe an organism or phenomenon; learn about the ecosystem; generate testable questions; plan and conduct a short investigation; and reflect on results and how the investigation could be improved or refined.

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$25 for morning sessions and $50 for a family registration.

About NatureBridge

NatureBridge provides hands-on environmental science programs for children and teens. Our multi-day programs take place outdoors in the magnificence of nature’s classroom, where students are immersed in the wonder and science of our national parks in Yosemite, Golden Gate, Olympic, Santa Monica Mountains, Channel Islands, and Prince William Forest.

Founded as Yosemite Institute in 1971, today NatureBridge welcomes more than 700 schools and 30,000 students and teachers each year to our six campuses. After more than 40 years of teaching and inspiring students, NatureBridge has provided life-changing experiences for more than 1 million participants and is a national leader in the field of environmental education.