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Top Social Distancing Fall Activities in Seabrook, WA

Wide-open beach strands and national park trails among golden groves of trees abound along the Washington Coast making it an excellent destination for social distancing-friendly activities this fall.

#1 – Razor Clam Digging in Seabrook

Clam Digging in Seabrook

October is the month that razor clamming season kicks off along the Washington Coast, and runs until March and often later. Seabrook’s Mocrocks beach and Copalis Beach, just south of Seabrook off SR 109, are two excellent locales for razor clamming. Hunting for these tasty little treasures on the nearby is a fun and unforgettable activity and one more reason to visit Seabrook. Read more about licensing and tips for digging with our guide..

#2 – Mountain Biking

A mountain bike trail heading towards the Pacific Ocean

Nothing compares to an autumn forest pedal, especially with the refreshing Washington Coast breeze at your back. Seabrook’s network of trails provides this and more. Everyone from beginners to expert singletrack-seekers has their stripe of adventure to enjoy. Check out Buck’s Bikes, located in the town center, for everything you need: rentals, gear, maps, and more.

#3 – Ghost Forest Tour

Tour of the Ghost Forest

The Ghost Forest is on the Copalis River estuary about a 15-minute drive from Seabrook, and the perfect fall adventure. The particular stretch of the estuary, where the tour takes place, is famed for being hit by a massive tsunami in the 1700s. This tsunami was also felt in Japan. The effects were shocking, as coastal villages and forests were wiped off the map. The eery 300-foot tall trees, which stand dead and bare are the lingering ghosts from the devastating 

The Ghost Forest can be accessed via SUP or kayak tour experiences with Buck’s Bikes

#4 – Surfing in Seabrook

Winter surfing in the Pacific Ocean

The Washington State coastline is the third-longest in the U.S. If you are a surfer, then you’re probably well aware of this fact and know exactly where and when to catch a break.

Homeowners of Seabrook and residents of Grays Harbor County surf the waves right at Seabrook, where the beach is, on average, a 5-minute walk from anywhere in town. If you’re interested in trying the waves, then visit Buck’s Bikes. Buck rents surfboards and wetsuits, plus he gives great tips and locales, depending on your level.

#5 – Olympic National Park & Penisula Loop

Olympic Peninsula Loop

The stunningly scenic Olympic Peninsula Loop is the perfect way to take in the fall season along the Washington coast. Featuring 300 miles of mountains and rainforests, and brimming with wildlife and beautiful viewpoints, the Olympic Peninsula Loop along Highway 101 from Seabrook is a one day trip you should set aside time for. 

Learn more about this incredible adventure with our guide.

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