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15 Oct 2018
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Things To Do

Many Washingtonians consider fall to be their favorite season. There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp freshness of a beautiful fall day. When autumn arrives and the summer beach crowds wane, Seabrook visitors and locals can relish in our picturesque fall scenery and enjoy a bunch of fun-filled fall activities - Washington’s Beach Town is full of things to do all season long. Here are some of our favorite fall-time activities in Seabrook and beyond.

Seabrook's Fall Activities Guide

Go Razor Clam Digging

Razor clams laid in a row along the beach

Grab your rain boots, galoshes, waterproof gear, and meet us on the beach. On the way, pick up a license at Pacific Beach's You and I store, and swing by Buck's Bikes in Seabrook for shovels, clam guns, and clam bags. It's recommended to head to the beach 1-2 hours before low tide. Don't forget your lantern, and remember, the limit is 15 clams per license, so plenty of fun to be had in the surf!

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Mushroom Hunting at Seabrook

Mushroom hunting is a favorite hobby for PNW outdoor enthusiasts

Devising a strategy and being competitive is something you associate with football, but these concepts also apply to mushroom hunting. That’s because many of the mushrooms you’ll find in the forests at Seabrook are rare delicacies highly sought after by mushroom connoisseurs. With such high stakes, it’s assumed these mushrooms must be rare and difficult to find, so we put together this mushroom hunting guide.

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Seabrook Trails Every Mountain Biker Should Visit

Seabrook is a mountain biker's paradise

One thing I know for sure is that fall is best experienced outdoors. When the summer gives way to autumn and the weather cools, that means it’s time for mountain biking. Not only is mountain biking a great way to stay in shape and get outside, but it’s also the perfect way to intimately explore the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest.

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Great Places for Fall Hiking

Fall foliage provides an ideal backdrop for your Autumn hike

The Washington coast has some of the most unique hiking trails in the country. Depending on which trail you choose, you can see breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, and much more! To help you decide where to go during your stay, we’ve put together this list of can’t-miss hiking trails in the region.

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Fall Feasting at Seabrook

Cue the comfort food with autumnal accent

Nothing says fall like freshly-pressed apple cider, warm pumpkin pie, and elaborate feasts around the dinner table. Here are a handful of in-season recipes to plan for your autumn trip to the beach.

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So turn over a new leaf and enjoy the new season that has arrived with your friends or family. And, if you’re planning a trip to the Washington coast this fall and don’t quite know what to do with your day, consider one of these great activities to add some additional excitement to your vacation.