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30 Apr 2019
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Things To Do

Do you know what I think would be really fun to do for Mother’s Day?

If we get all of our mom friends and their families and rent a big beach house out at Seabrook for the weekend.

Think about this with me for a second.

We could celebrate Mother’s Day with our closest friends and family out at the beach.

Here’s what I picture happening.

We arrive on Friday night. We make sure we get a house with a hot tub, and on Friday night we soak in the hot tub under the stars while our lovely husbands serve us wine and strawberries.

The next morning we grab some coffee and pastries at the little bakery in town called Red Velvet. They have the best Scottish shortbread. I’ll buy you one. You’ll love it!

Then we can head down to the beach and let the kids run around and play. I really want to teach my daughter how to fly a kite. It’s something my mother and I loved to do together when I was young, and that would be special to me on Mother’s Day weekend.

After the beach, we can get some lunch at Mill 109. They have a steak salad I know you’ll love, and the guys can grab some beers and burgers.

Or we can head over to Frontagers and get some pizza. They’ve got drinks there too, and you know the kids would love eating some pizza.

And then we can head over to that darling little candy shop called Sweet Life. I know you love chocolate, and they have some exotic chocolates I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. 

Then I want to head back to the house and relax, maybe even take a nap. 

I was thinking the guys could take the kids out and the moms could stay back and relax. The guys can take the kids to Seabrook's new bookstore, Joie Des Livres, or rent some bikes from Buck's Bikes. And on their way back home they can grab some food from the Front Street Market that we can throw on the grill.

Imagine eating dinner as a big family in a large, beautiful Seabrook home. That'll be so much fun!

And then we can pour another glass of wine, and depending on what house we get, we can watch the sunset from our deck or hot tub.

How awesome would that be?

Like I said, let’s get a bunch of us together. We can split costs and get an amazing house. And we can make some unforgettable memories. Maybe even a new tradition.

What do you think? Should I book our home now?