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14 Mar 2019
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Think you know the coastal community of Seabrook, Washington? Known as Washington’s best kept secret, the region all around Seabrook is full of incredible, under the radar activities, ways to relax and even ways to maximize your Seabrook experience. From hidden views and biking adventures, to gathering your own dinner and even winning a free Seabrook stay, these are a few of the secrets of Seabrook. 

A History Lesson and a Free Glass of Wine

You don’t really know Seabrook until you take the town tour

In this 30-minute tour, Seabrook founder Casey Roloff will describe urban planning techniques that shape the life and culture of Seabrook. Casey will also detail the history and amazing growth and development of the beach town.

But here’s the secret: On Saturday’s during the spring and summer months, Seabrook offers two town tours per day - one morning tour and one afternoon tour. If you take the morning tour you’ll be treated to pastries and beverages, and if you take the afternoon tour you’ll be treated to wine and cheese. 

Not a bad way to get to know your new favorite coastal town!

Ocean Views at Elk Creek

It's not too hard to find a spot to take-in the sunset at Seabrook. When it comes to finding a good spot, simplicity is key.

But if you’re looking for a hidden gem, here’s one for you: head over to the Elk Creek neighborhood in Seabrook. Coming from down, you’ll want to cross SR-109 on to Seaside Lane. You can continue straight where you’ll run into Overlook Park, a perfect place to catch a sunset. But located slightly higher along the bluff, behind Lot 10 on Buoy Lane, you’ll find Seabrook’s “secret” viewing spot. 

In the spring months, this is a great place to spot the nearly 20,000 gray whales swimming by within a quarter-mile of the shoreline while it’s a must-visit location for sunsets year round.

Seabrook During the Off-Season

Sometimes, we need to get away but don’t want to pay a lot for our quick vacation to the accessible remoteness of the Washington Coast.

If you want to enjoy Seabrook and save some money, book a stay during the week. The further you are from the weekends, the better the saving will be.

Better yet, double down and visit Seabrook like a local. When you book a stay at Seabrook during the middle of the week in the winter months, you’ll experience true solitude and our lowest rates of the year. On these gray days, you’ll be able to relax with nothing around but the wind, rain and constant drumming of the breaking waves against the sandy shores. 

Get your own Dinner 

Seabrook is known for incredible foods and drink, but did you know that during the winter, spring and fall months, you can find your own dinner?

In the fall months, the forests around the coast and Olympic Peninsula are perfect for mushroom foraging. With chanterelles and chicken of the woods found all over, those with skills at spotting mushrooms can take in quite a haul.

Salmon Fishing is another way to catch your dinner. In the spring and fall months, when salmon runs return to the region, the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula are some of the best in the country for anglers of all abilities. In the winter, watch for clamming tides and dig your dinner out of the sand by going clam digging.

With rental gear and guided digs available from Buck’s Bikes, bring the whole family down and find your feast. 

Explore the Tide Pools at Copalis Rock

At 10.6 miles round trip, you could hike or run down to the tide pools at Copalis Rock, or you can rent a bike from Buck’s Bikes and ride the flat, scenic route to this awesome destination.

During low tide, you’ll have access to the tide pools surrounding the only accessible sea stack around. The tide pools are teeming with life and during healthy sea years, the bottom sections of the large rock could be covered in starfish, anemones, and mussels.

One mile south of here is the only coastal runway in the country, where planes can land right on the sand. Along this route, you stand a great chance to see bald eagles, seals and maybe even a whale. 

Share Your Seabrook Story, Win Prizes

Seabrook has been the destination for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and every other type of celebration, becoming the backdrop for a lifetime of stories shared with family and friends.

Your stories help make Seabrook the vibrant community we know and love, which is why if you head to the Seabrook Website and share your story, you will be eligible to win a monthly and seasonal prize.

Each month, a story from a Seabrook guest will be chosen, with the winner receiving a $100 gift certificate to a Seabrook merchant. Each season, one winner will be picked and be awarded a Seabrook getaway in a 2 or 3 bedroom cottage. Be the author of your own beach town memories by sharing your favorite moments or traditions made at Seabrook. Submit your story here!

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