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1 May 2017
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Event planning can be an exercise in patience, among other things. There are often many factors to consider and several needs to be met. Finding the right venue is key to putting on a memorable event, but researching and visiting all your options is time-consuming. When you’re planning something in the vicinity of North Beach, schedule Seabrook's Town Hall. You’ll check one item off of your to-do list and all but guarantee a beautiful event for your guests.

An impressive structure, the town hall is a gorgeous place to gather with your friends, family, or community. The Seabrook Town Hall is the epicenter of Seabrook, Washington, and it serves many valuable purposes to the town. To find out about everything that happens there and throughout Seabrook, check out the Events Calendar. It lists all the exciting things happening in Washington’s Beach Town. Find out about regular public activities like the Saturday Market or Sunset Concert Series; holiday celebrations like the Porch Illumination Celebration; and unique occasions like Doggie Days and our Sand Carving Competition. Get informed about all the greats things happening in Seabrook, Washington during your trip. Take part to immerse yourself in the close-knit, fun-loving culture of the town!

Holding Your Event at Seabrook Town Hall

Seabrook Town Hall is an example of simple architectural distinction both inside and out. Sitting at the end of Main Street, the 3-level building was designed in a traditional style. It can accommodate several different types of events. Reunions, corporate meetings, and community-based events all fit well in the spaces allotted. At 4,080 square feet, the building can easily seat up to 120 people for business events. The basement level is equipped with a full commercial kitchen, and the main level includes an intimate stage, both of which add to the flexibility of the venue for a range of experiences.

Reserving Seabrook Town Hall

If you have an interest in holding your event at Seabrook Town Hall, get in touch with the town’s events department. You can call them toll-free at 888-507-4694, or locally at 360-276-4108. You can also reach them via email at

Finding the Perfect Place to Stay During Your Event in Seabrook

Your guests will love their experience during your event at Seabrook Town Hall. The building, like the town, was designed with the timeless values of human connection and simple beauty in mind. It also includes all the modern amenities you need to put on a sleek, business meeting, or similar event. Make sure your guests are as impressed by their nightly accommodations as they will be by Seabrook Town Hall. Seabrook Cottages are some of the best places to stay in the North Beach area. With a range of options, from intimate and cozy to large and luxurious, one of these top-tier rental homes is sure to meet your party’s needs during your stay. Even better, some of these amazing homes are walking distance from the town hall, meaning that you and your guests will have an unparalleled ease of access to the event venue. Contact us today, and come enjoy the best that Washington’s Beach Town has to offer!