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Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, Chewbacca...there are many commonly used names for these mythical hairy creatures.

But the bigfoot carving at Seabrook is a bit different. He's just as tall and grizzly as the rest, but appears calm and wise with his demeanor. He's expertly carved out of local cedar, and as such has a direct connection with the Washington Coast environment. These truly are his stomping grounds.

Most importantly, he's a big connoseur of craft beers and delicious foods made on tasty trucks. So much so, we are creating a beer garden and food truck area where he is currently located (opening this summer).

But what is a majestic bigfoot without a proper name? That's where you come in.

Head on over to our Facebook and Instagram and give us your recommendation for what we should name bigfoot! Just comment on our bigfoot naming contest post with your name idea.

On Friday, June 14, we'll go through all the submissions and pick our favorite. Then, on Saturday, June 15, we'll officially announce the name to the world with an appropriate ceremony at Seabrook. The person whose name we choose will get $50 towards food and drinks at the new food and beer garden this summer.

Thank you for submitting your name idea and for helping us name bigfoot!