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Razor Clam Digging at Seabrook

Razor clam season on the Washington coast usually begins in November and can go as late as May! Digging razor clams is exciting and can be done by just about anyone. Here’s how you get started:


Updates on clam tides, times, beaches, and more can be found at Buck’s Northwest.  Also, check out the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) for schedules and approved clam digs. The beach right below Seabrook is Mocrocks beach. Mocrocks Beach extends from the Moclips River to Copalis Rock (or the Copalis River) and the two ends of the area give it the name Mocrock. MOClips River to Copalis ROCK. The other clam beach in the area is known as Copalis and extends from the Copalis Beach area south to the North Jetty of Ocean Shores. Be sure you pay attention to which beach is open on which day as WDFW officers will enforce laws, rules, and regulations.


Buck’s Northwest right here in Seabrook is your one-stop shop for clamming! Get a license and gear here. The You & I Market in Pacific Beach also sells licenses and some gear. You can also get a license online at WDFW.


What you wear to dig clams depends on the current weather conditions on the beach, which can transform within minutes. Gear from head to toe can include hats (waterproof, warm), scarves (wrapped to not dangle), coats, jackets, parkas, hoodies (and sometimes just a t-shirt), gloves (waterproof, grippy, warm), jeans (cuffed, rolled), pants (durable, waterproof), hip waders, chest waders, socks (long, warm), boots (rubber, waterproof, warm), and/or shoes (durable, preferably not new). Red Cedar Surf, Co.Tides by Seabrook, and even Buck’s Northwest’s new location in Pacific Beach are a few options for gear.


Shovel or Clam Gun? The debate always ensues whether to use a shovel or cylinder clam gun to best dig clams. Both work well (although, besting competitions have broken out amongst families and friends) and Buck’s Northwest rents/sells both shovels and clam guns, clam bags, nets, lights, and headlamps. Guided Clam Digs are also offered by Buck himself for Mockrocks and Copalis beach digs. Sign up here.

Guided Razor Clam Digging By Buck's Northwest


Clams live most of their lives underwater and only low tide exposes them. Be prepared to dig at the water’s edge. To dig clams using either a shovel or cylinder clam gun, watch these videos from the WDFW, Digging Razor Clams in Washington or Digging Razor Clams with Kids in WashingtonBuck’s Northwest website also has good information on what to look for and how to dig.


Under Washington State law, diggers are allowed 15 razor clams daily and must keep the first harvested regardless of size or condition. For more information, see WDFW razor clam regulations.


Here’s a great, quick-watch YouTube video on cleaning clams, How to Clean Razor Clams. Clams keep fresh cleaned and refrigerated for 3-5 days. For the longest storage life, vacuum seal your cleaned clams and freeze them which will leave them good for up to one year! Front Street Market has clam cleaning stations outside for use, too.


The traditional way to prepare razor clams is to batter them up with flour, egg, and crushed crackers, then pan-fry in butter. (Pro Tip: It’s easy to overcook clams, don’t go beyond golden brown!)  YummlyAllrecipesBetty Crocker, even Buck’s Northwest websites have tasty recipes, along with WDFW Razor Clam Recipes submitted by fellow diggers.


WDFW map of beaches


  • Clams live underwater and low tide is when to go! Walk as close as you are equipped to the water’s edge and look for very subtle dimple marks in the sand. You’ve found the clams! (Pro Tip: Don’t waste your time with the thousands of holes you easily see when you first walk out. Those are Sand Shrimp!)
  • Keep an eye on the water. The age-old adage of “Never turn your back to the water” is never more true than during clam digging. Sneaker waves can race up the beach and knock even adults off their feet!
  • Make sure you don’t go over the limit! Each licensed digger may only carry 15 clams. Anything works, but the easiest is a clam net or bag with a belt, sold at Buck’s Northwest.
  • For early morning or night digs, lanterns or headlamps are a must. Make sure to bring along extra batteries or backup lighting.
  • Put your clams in a bucket filled with enough water to cover the clams and leave them for an hour or two. The siphoning action of the clam’s valves will purge them of sand and
  • Clean the clams as soon as possible after harvesting for optimum freshness.
  • Layer up! Wear boots and waterproof clothing, especially during the colder months of clam digging.

For even more razor clam digging information plus some insights from Buck of Buck’s Northwest, visit our blog: Everything You Need To Know About Washington State Clam Digging


  • Razor clams are named for their slender shell that resembles the handle of a straight-edge razor.
  • Clams and their relatives (oysters, scallops, and mussels) first appeared on earth about 510 million years ago.
  • Razor clams move up and down vertically in the sand up to a foot per minute. They cannot move horizontally along the beach.
  • Razor clams eat tiny plants and plankton filtered from the surrounding seawater.
  • Wines that pair well with razor clam dishes are Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, or a sparkling white wine.
  • One 4 oz. serving of razor clams contains 84 calories.
  • Washington State has actively managed the recreational razor clam digging since 1929.
  • Approximately 2.3 million razor clams were harvested in Washington during the 2017-2018 year.
  • The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife co-manages beaches north of Grays Harbor (Copalis, Mocrocks and Kalaloch) with coastal tribes that have fishing rights. These include the Quinault Indian Nation, which has fishing rights over Copalis, Mocrocks, and Kalaloch beaches and the Hoh Tribe and the Quileute Tribe with fishing rights over Kalaloch beach.
  • Washington lawmakers are considering whether to make razor clams the state’s “official clam.”

Sources: Summaries of numerous corroborative websites.

Everything You Need to Know About Washington State Clam Digging

A Local’s Guide to Razor Clamming on the Washington Coast

For the most up to date clam digging dates, locations, and tides head to our events page.

For those who love a hot cup of coffee on a brisk morning, catching the sunrise, and soaking in the misty sea air,  razor clam digging on the Washington coast is an absolute must. When the tides are just right and the season opens, folks from all over flock to sandy Washington beaches bucket and shovel in hand.

We sat down with Buck, long-time local and owner of Buck’s Northwest (previously Buck’s Bikes) here in Seabrook and asked him what makes clamming so special.

“Everyone enjoys digging clams whether you eat them or not,” said Buck, “and Seabrook is my favorite place to dig.” 

Buck has been clam digging on the Washington coast since he was 8 years old. He remembers his very first expedition. His neighbor brought him and some friends out early in the morning for a dig. The next day, they enjoyed fresh clam chowder made with their harvest. To this day, clam chowder with bacon is still his favorite way to eat razor clams.


During the peak of clamming season you’ll see a parade of lights starting as early as 4:30 in the morning. Donning headlamps and rubber boots, clammers take over the beach and start the dig. When evening digs opening up it isn’t uncommon to see a clammer or two out until 12:30 at night. 

The exact time for clamming changes depending on the tides. Your best bet is to head out to the beaches about an hour before low tide. As for where to go, you have miles of coastline to choose from. There are five distinct razor clam beaches that you can visit. Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis Beach, Mocrocks Beach (the beach in front of Seabrook), and Kalaloch all permit clamming. Get the latest status of Washington’s razor clamming beaches here.

Each season, thousands of couples and families come to Seabrook, which is part of Mocrocks Beach, to dig for clams. Buck offers guided tours for those looking for a successful first dig or learn more about the process. The tour takes guests down to the sandy beaches directly below Seabrook. This is Buck’s favorite place on the entire coast to go clamming. “Seabrook’s beach is too far from Roosevelt to have the driving crowds and it is isolated by Joe Creek to the nNorth. Together it creates a peaceful setting that you won’t find elsewhere,” noted Buck.

Permitting and Daily Limits

Similar to hunting and fishing in the state of Washington, you need to purchase a permit before you hit the sand. The permit process ensures that the clams are not overharvested and that each year brings a healthy population back to the beaches.

The permits also signify that the clams are safe to eat and do not contain high toxin levels. When tested clams present a high toxin level, permits are halted until the levels drop back down. Each person needs a permit to dig and can only harvest a certain number of clams per day. 

You can buy permits, check toxin levels, and plan your trip online at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. You can also pick up your permits in town at Buck’s Northwest.

Gear Up

Sturdy boots and a good rain coat are necessary for any outdoor adventure here in the Pacific Northwest, but you’ll need a little more than that to start collecting your clams. On the beach you’ll see two main types of tools used to pull up the clams. A shovel can be used by more experienced diggers but you’ll find a lot of people using a special clam gun. 

To use the gun, shove the tube into the ground, cover the straw with your finger to create suction, and pull out. Inside the tube you’ll have all of the sand (and hopefully clams) that were in the ground. Sometimes you’ll pull up a gorgeous looking razor clam, but other times you’ll just remove the surface sand and find the clam at the bottom of your hole. 

You’ll also want to carry a bucket or bag with you to hold your findings. If you’re getting an early-bird start or heading out after dark you’ll need a light. Buck prefers an old fashioned propane lantern. “You need a low angle soft light to illuminate the imperfections in the sand which mark the clam’s location,” explained Buck, “I hold my light down by my feet which helps me see every little divot.”

Diggin’ Time

While you could test your luck and start digging anywhere along the beach, there are subtle signs in the sand where clams have burrowed underground. Keep an eye out for these three deviations in the sand and you’ll be a clamming expert in no time. 

Dimples are the most common but are extremely small and subtle. When agitated, the dimples can collapse and form the more noticeable keyholes which look like a small dot in the sand. Doughnuts are dimples or keyholes but with a raised mound of sand around them resembling a doughnut. Sometimes, the tide can wash over any deviations in the sand, so just because there’s no signs doesn’t mean there isn’t a juicy clam underneath. 

“The best digger I’ve seen yet was a vegan grandmother who adamantly refused to eat or clean the clams. But almost like a magician she could wave her hand over the sand and sure enough there was always a clam underneath,” recalled Buck. “It just goes to show you that anyone can have a blast clamming.”

Cleaning Your Clams

Digging for clams is just the beginning of the fun. Cleaning the clams and separating the meat takes a little bit of knowledge and handwork, but after a couple of clams you’ll surely get the hang of it. 

Blanching is the best way to open and remove the sharp razor clam shell. A quick dunk in boiling water followed by an ice bath reveal the clam while halting any cooking of the meat. 

Buck recommends a good pair of kitchen scissors and a paring knife to clean your meat. You can find step by step instructions with pictures on Buck’s Northwest.

Did you know that Seabrook has a clam cleaning station outside of our Front Street Market? Bring your harvest and clean away!



A question we hear often is ‘What’s the best way to eat these?’ but that’s all up to personal preference. We’ve seen them served up every way imaginable. Battered and deep fried until crispy, sliced up and slow simmered in chowder, atop a pizza, baked into a fritter, grilled with butter and garlic, or raw with salt and lemon. There’s no wrong way to eat them.

Buck’s favorite way to enjoy clams is a classic chowder with bacon. It takes him back to his very first dig. On a rainy day, nothing sounds better. But if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try making a clamburger.

“It’s a spin on the classic crab cake,” explains Buck, “You roughly chop your razor clams, mix with some aromatics and breadcrumbs, and form a patty. After a quick fry in butter you serve it on a toasted bun with mayo, lettuce, and a slice of tomato. It’s quite dank.”


No matter how you serve it, you’ll surely end up with clean-licked plates and more than a few stories to share. Snuggle up on a misty afternoon with a bowl of chowder, grill up a few at your next BBQ, or make a clamburger part of your Seabrook tradition.  

Clamming is a family-friendly, dog-friendly activity that just about anyone can do. If you can build a sand castle, you can dig for clams. Come to Seabrook and set out for a day of adventure. You can bring your own gear and permits or pick up all of the supplies you’ll ever need at Buck’s Northwest. You can also sign up for a guided tour with Buck that includes all the gear and permitting plus insider knowledge of the area.


Fall Clam Digging Season in Seabrook Opens

Can You Dig It?

The first razor clam dig of the fall season will get underway Oct. 11 – Oct. 13, as various beaches, including Seabrook beaches.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFD) has approved the dig on evening tides at Mocrocks, Copalis, and Twin Harbors after marine toxin tests showed that clams on those beaches are safe to eat. No digging is allowed on any beach before noon.

The upcoming dig is approved on the following beaches, dates, and evening low tides:

  • October 11, Thursday, 8:58 p.m.; -0.6 feet; Mocrocks, Twin Harbor
  • October 12, Friday, 9:41 p.m.; -0.3 feet; Copalis, Twin Harbor
  • October 13, Saturday, 10:26 p.m.; +0.1 feet; Mocrocks, Twin Harbor

Dan Ayres, WDFW coastal shellfish manager, recommends that diggers hit the beach about an hour or two before low tide for the best results.

Diggers want to be sure to come prepared with good lighting devices and always keep an eye on the surf, particularly in the fall when the best low tides come after dark, he added.

“Digging after dark brings with it the spectacle of thousands of small lights representing individual razor clam diggers working their way up and down the beach,” said Ayres.

Where to dig

All diggers age 15 or older must have an applicable 2018-19 fishing license to harvest razor clams on any beach. Licenses, ranging from a three-day razor clam license to an annual combination fishing license, are available on WDFW’s website at and from license vendors around the state.

Under state law, diggers at open beaches can take 15 razor clams per day and are required to keep the first 15 they dig. Each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container.

Where to Dig

Seabrook’s beaches are ideal for digging clams. The actual name for the beach located directly in front of Seabrook is Mocrocks, and Copalis is south of that.

Mocrocks: Extends from the Copalis River to the southern boundary of the Quinault Reservation near the Moclips River, including Seabrook, Iron Springs, Roosevelt Beach, Pacific Beach, and Moclips.

Copalis: Extends from the Grays Harbor north jetty to the Copalis River, and includes the Copalis, Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and Copalis areas.

How to Dig Razor Clams

First look for a “clam show”. What is a clam show? That’s where a clam has withdrawn its neck or started to dig leaving a hole or dimple in the sand. There are three major kinds of “shows” to look for:

  • dimple: a depression in the sand
  • doughnut: which has raised sides
  • keyhole: which is usually in drier sand areas and is shaped like an “hour-glass” or is a hole with very distinct sides.

Always look for the larger sized hole as this is a good indication that the clam will be larger, but not always.

Clams will also show at the edge of the surf line when you pound the beach with a shovel handle or your foot. They may squirt sand and water out of the hole where they are located. You need to be quick when digging in the surf as razor clams dig really fast in the soft fluid sand.

Everything You Need To Know about WA Clam Tides

While visiting Seabrook, Washington, partake in one of the most popular local activities—clam digging! There’s no experience quite like finding, preparing, and cooking your own delicious seafood dinner. As you plan your day of clam digging, you’ll need to find out more about the WA clam tides. Read on to learn everything you’ll think to know about when, where, and how to go clamming on Washington beaches. A family trip to Seabrook is sure to be an unforgettable vacation. If you’ve never experienced the Pacific Northwest before, you’re in for a treat! Surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains and beaches, you’ll never run out of outdoor activities. Check the WA clam tides and try digging up your own. Before your trip, look at our Things Do page for local insight on other activities as well as restaurants and local events.

Razor Clam Dig Seabrook Washington Coast Sunset

Your Guide to WA Clam Tides

How to Locate Clams

One of the most important factors when clam digging in Washington state is the state of the ocean tide. Be sure to check the conditions of the WA clam tides before hitting the beaches.  The best time to go is low tide because you’ll have more space to look for clams. Many people suggest arriving an hour or two before peak low tide. To find the clams, you must look for “clam shows.” These are areas in the sand where clams have left a trace of their presence. Scan the sand for three types of shows: keyhole (a hole about the size of a dime), donut (a small hole surrounding by raised sand), and depression (a small dent in the sand). Sometimes you’ll have to hit the sand with a shovel, clam tube, or your foot to get these shows to appear.

What You’ll Need to Dig

Once you’ve located a clam, you can either use a shovel or a clam tube to pull the shellfish up. If this if your first time clamming, it’s easiest to use the clam tube. Place the tube over the clam show, angled slightly towards the water. If you feel the tube hit the clam, readjust. Then, push the tub down into the sand, lift it out and remove the sand by shaking the tube. Congrats! Your newly found clam should fall out along with the sand. Throw your clams into a bucket as soon as possible because they can dig very quickly, and may end up back in the sand before you know it. If you want to give the shovel method a try, use the same techniques to locate a show. Then, begin to dig about six inches from the show, closer to the water. Keep your back to the surf and shovel away from the ocean. When it feels as though you’ve just barely touched the clam, reach with a gloved hand and grab the shellfish from the ocean side, where its hinge is, and pull it from the ground. Be warned, it is easier to break clams using this method. You will likely get wet while digging, so wear high boots and bring an extra set of clothing to change into. If you don’t mind getting your feet wet, you can wear sneakers, but we suggest bringing a second pair of shoes with you.

When to Dig for Clams

One of the most common questions people ask is, “when can you dig for clams in Washington state?” Clamming season greatly depends on the type of clam you’re digging for. Razor clams usually appear on the beaches from October through May. Other species like geoducks and butters can be dug year-round. Be sure to check the state harvesting rules before hitting the beach.  

Relax in a Seabrook Cottage Rental 

After checking the WA clam tides and reaping in some fresh, tasty shellfish, head home to a Seabrook Cottage Rental! Prep and fry up the day’s catch in one of our properties large, modern kitchens. Book a few nights in our pet-friendly Anchor Down home. While staying at this beachfront property, you and your family can carry your haul of clams directly from the sand to your door!

Browse our full catalog of properties, and stay planning your getaway to Seabrook today!

The ‘ber Months Bonus


Valid Booking Dates: Thursday, September 21, 2023 through Thursday, December 14, 2023.

Valid for Travel Between: 

  • 9/25-9/28, 10/2-10/5, 10/10-10/12, 10/16-10/19, 10/23-10/26, 10/30-11/2, 11/6-11/9, 11/13-11/16, 11/27-11/30, 12/4-12-7, 12/11-12/14
  • Offer excludes Columbus Day (10/9), and Thanksgiving Week (11/19-11/23)

Minimum Stay: 2 nights

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Embrace the arrival of fall with a “‘ber months” getaway this September, October, November, and December! Come live, work, and play like in a local anytime Monday through Thursday and receive your third night for free when you book two nights.

Explore, unwind, and take in living a beach-time lifestyle this fall with endless activities and experiences at your fingertips. From razor clam digging, mountain biking, a spa visit, games at the arcade, creating custom candles, to shopping at boutique stores and dining in relaxing settings, it’s the best time to stay at the beach with less hustle and bustle.

Call our reservation specialists with any questions or to book over the phone or enter the promo code, EXTRANIGHT23, at online checkout to receive the offer.

Take your pick from vacation rental options that include cozy, woodside cabins to luxurious oceanfront rentals.

*This offer cannot be used with other promo codes or discounts. Some homes may be excluded from this offer. This offer is for new bookings only.

What Families Love About Holidays In Seabrook

September 18, 2023 | Read Time: 4 Minutes

Nestled on the bluff of the rugged Washington coast, Seabrook becomes an even more enchanting destination to stay and play during the holiday season. Families near and far bundle up and come to make memories where a sense of warmth, togetherness, and pure holiday magic lights up the beach town each year. 

“I’ve experienced every month of the year in Seabrook and the ‘ber months are my favorites!” says Meredith M., a Seabrook homeowner. “From mid-September to mid-December, there’s no place I’d rather be!”

From cozy vacation rentals to bustling annual festivities and winter things to do, it’s an idyllic getaway just waiting to happen.

The Enchanting Coastal Ambiance During The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, Seabrook transforms into a twinkling paradise with festive decor all throughout the town. A walk around town during the day and into the evening to take in the soft glow of holiday lights is a must for families this time of year.

“For the past two years, we’ve been delighted by the parade and snow dump!” says Molly B., a Seabrook homeowner. “It is such a fun way to prepare for the holidays! An added bonus is the hot cocoa bar – which we sometimes enjoy as we sit in the lobby and enjoy the lovely fire. This rest and relaxation time is a nice break from work and school and helps us gear up for Christmas with family!”

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is an especially entrancing experience where nature shows its majesty, from roaring ocean waves to beautiful mornings as fog rests on the coast. In Seabrook, your crew can stay indoors to enjoy the spectacles or go outdoors and explore the sights. 

“My absolute favorite part of Winter in Seabrook is curled up under a blanket with the fireplace roaring, watching a storm blow in from the ocean,” says Stephanie G. of Seabrook Hospitality. “The water running down the windows like I am in a carwash while I am cozy in a nice, warm Seabrook home is a sight to see.”

The Best Washington Winter Activities On The Coast

Not a huge fan of snow sports in the winter? The Washington coast is the perfect place to get all of the outdoor adventures in without going through a snowy mountain pass or white-knuckling your way through heavy snowfall. Visitors can even enjoy the ice skating rink in Seabrook from November to January! Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you can find activities for everyone to enjoy, from razor clam digging to snuggly nights in.

“We love digging for razor clams!” says Kim V., a Seabrook homeowner. “Five clams makes a hearty pot of chowder. For a perfect winter evening, we pair the chowder with a crisp white wine and a loaf of crusty bread from the market. It tastes best snuggled in front of the cozy fireplace.”

Other outdoor activities not to miss this winter are beach bonfires, surfing, river fishing, mountain biking, hiking, sports courts, and, of course, the famous Winter Glass Float Find.

“My kids all love participating in the glass float find,” says Katie T. of Seabrook Hospitality. “It’s a new challenge every day and they’re always so excited to figure out what the clues mean and go searching for the beautifully made glass floats!”

Winter is also a great time to enjoy the wide open beaches with fewer crowds that make for some of the most serene moments of the year.

“There’s something special about quiet winter walks on the beach in Seabrook and settling in with a glass of vino by the fire at The Stowaway Wine Bar in Seabrook,” says Tiffany E., a Seabrook homeowner.

Indoor Winter Pastimes For A Cozy Stay

With so much to do outdoors, there’s just as much to do indoors to make for a full and relaxing getaway to the beach. The holidays make for a great time to shop through the local boutiques for unique holiday gifts or to pick up something to pamper yourself while on vacation.

When it’s time to eat, the restaurants around town offer up plenty of menu items with comfort foods and warming beverages to make you forget about the winter chill.

The indoor fun to be had at Seabrook isn’t limited to families, many friend groups steal away to the coast with their best friends for a getaway during winter, too.

“Girls weekend at the beach during the winter is the best,” says Lisa L., “Games, movies, great goodies from the Seabrook bakery, and evenings in the hot tub!”

The indoor experiences around town are another activity people love to do during the holidays, too. From custom candle pouring with handpicked winter fragrances, playing an afternoon away at the arcade, or swimming, lasting memories happen effortlessly with an afternoon spent in Seabrook.

Start Planning Your Winter Retreat

If winter at the beach calls you to indulge in a getaway with sweeping ocean views or to be tucked away in a quaint cabin with woodland views, Seabrook has year-round vacation rentals to suit your tastes. Unwind and recharge with a wide assortment of home amenities, from fireplaces, hot tubs, board games, covered porches, and more in Washington’s Beach Town.

About Seabrook

Seabrook, inspired by Seaside, Florida, was founded in 2004 by Casey and Laura Roloff. The town is built on a foundation of new urbanism, sustainably connecting urbanism and natural surroundings on the Washington coast. The growing town features more than 500 homes, a vacation rental program, 18 parks, event spaces, a spa, fitness center, outdoor and indoor pool, full-service market, amphitheater, sports courts, shopping, dining, and miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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The Best Fall Things To Do On The Washington Coast

Date Published: September 5, 2023 | Read Time: 5.5 Minutes

With just a few days left of summer, we’re looking ahead to the best fall things to do on the Washington coast. Seabrook’s vacation rentals beckon travelers this time of year as the town quiets, nightly minimums drop, and fall rates offer exceptional value. From crisp and sunny days to cool and misty nights, we’ve put together the must-dos of outdoor and indoor activities that are all within Seabrook or an easy day trip away.

The Top 10 Outdoor Fall Activities

1. Razor Clam Digging

Thousands of vacationers and day-trippers flock to Washington’s beaches each fall to take part in clam digging! The invigorating experience is followed up by preparing the fresh catches. Razor clams have delicious culinary qualities of smooth, distinctive texture, and subtle seafood flavor that leave diggers craving them year-round. First-time digger? Buck’s Northwest offers guided lessons with everything you need to know to become a seasoned pro. Razor clam digging usually begins in November, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife always has the most up-to-date information on dig dates. Though the clams are usually battered and fried, there are all kinds of creative ways to use the seasonal delicacy in cooking!  

2. Mushroom Foraging

The forest floor transforms into a playground of treasured finds for mushroom-hunting enthusiasts during the fall. Another family-friendly activity, the forest in and around Seabrook offers the most sought-after gourmet edible mushrooms, like the ever-popular chanterelle. If you’re new to mushroom foraging, Seabrook has partnered with local experts to show you the ropes of safe mushroom foraging with classes from September to November

3. Beach Bonfire

One of the best ways to watch the famously beautiful fall sunsets is from the beach itself. The experience is made even better by a warm fire, complete with lounge chairs and a s’mores kit. You can bring your own supplies for a beach bonfire or opt for the Sunset Bonfire Package offered by Seabrook Hospitality that includes a smokeless fire pit, wood, and beach chairs set up for you on the beach.

4. Beachcombing

Fall is one of the best times of the year to turn your beach stroll into a treasure hunt. The beach is always a short walk away so you’ll be scouring the shore in no time. Keep an eye out for all kinds of collectibles that may have washed ashore after being churned up by bigger waves, like sea glass, fossils, or glass floats.

5. Mountain Biking

The crisp weather makes mountain biking more enjoyable than ever during fall! Biking routes are sprinkled throughout Seabrook with direct connections to the miles of DNR trails to explore anytime of the year. This year has been full of trail improvements and the addition of new trails, make sure to spend a day or two checking out the tracks!

6. Guided Experiences

Seabrook has you covered for guided experiences that take the prep and planning out of an excursion and turn it into carefree enjoyment! Seabrook Hospitality Concierge Services can help you set up a guided fishing trip, among other experiences, and Buck’s Northwest has you covered for kayaking tours, clam digging, surf lessons, mountain biking, and more.

7. Historic Sites Around Town

The North Beach area has a rich history from Native American culture to the logging industry boom that shaped what the Pacific Northwest is today. Seabrook itself has several spots to visit and see these glimpses into the past. Take a look at The Historic Dorothy Anderson Cabin, The Old Cedar Stump, The Old Spruce Heritage Tree, and even The Gnome Trail. The Museum of the North Beach is only a 5-minute drive away in Moclips, too! 

8. Day Trips

Seabrook is the perfect launching point for day-trip destinations that offer those awe-inspiring views of nature that people travel from all over the world to see. From the iconic sea stacks of Ruby Beach to the towering old growths of the Hoh Rainforest or the pristine cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean at Cape Disappointment, you’ll find your adventure meter full to the brim with all of the nearby sites.

9. Hiking Around Seabrook

Hikers can find miles of trails to explore during fall with new trails being constantly added to the increasingly elaborate trail network. Take a quick jaunt down the Elk Creek Trail to the beach or through The Gnome Trail’s various paths that pop out at different places throughout town.

10. Play Outdoor Games

The town amenities are open year-round to Seabrook guests, so if you’re craving a game of pickleball, basketball, soccer, or even a game of horseshoes, it’s easy to play your favorite games for hours with courts and parks conveniently located all throughout the town. For the little ones not quite old enough for structured play, there is a playground in the Alderwood neighborhood and South of Market neighborhood in Kucera Park.

Inspo For Cozy Day Activities

For those that enjoy sleeping in followed by sipping on coffee during a misty coastal morning, you can find easy-going activities that highlight fun things to do indoors.

Play At The Arcade

Have you seen the retro-themed arcade that opened on Front Street this summer? The Arcade became an instant favorite stop for adults and children alike in town. On those days where it’s just a smidgen too rainy to be out and about too much, The Arcade is the perfect cozy day pastime.

Make A Custom Candle

Add a personalized ambiance to your stay with a custom candle made at Lorraine’s Candle Studio with their fall scent collection. With dozens of scents and unique vessels to choose from, a relaxing morning, afternoon, or evening happens with ease at the candle studio.

Plan A Spa Day

The pitter-patter of rain and the faint roar of the ocean makes the spa experience on the coast all the more relaxing. Pamper yourself with a facial, massage, or one of the other bliss-filled experiences offered at Spa Elizabeth on Front Street.

Wine Tasting

Stop by The Stowaway Wine Bar for a laid-back afternoon filled with quality wines and equally delicious bites this fall. If you’re feeling more like enjoying an evening in, The Stowaway offers in-home wine tasting and bottles to go.

Get A Seabrook Painting Kit

Cozy days often inspire creatives to get into new projects. Concierge Services offers painting kits, complete with an instructional video, that has the option to paint the iconic Seabrook arch at sunset or a whimsical jellyfish. You can order one in advance to have waiting for you when you arrive!

Shop & Dine

Warm, aromatic food accompanied by your favorite beverages are easy to come by within the Town Center. Try your own food tour and go from restaurant to restaurant, sampling the flavorful dishes and enjoying the different vibes. Cozy days mean it’s the perfect time to bundle up and shop! The town merchants all have unique merchandise for you to browse, from clothing, homeware, books, toys, outdoor gear, and more.

About Seabrook

The vibrant town of Seabrook is a sustainable haven for full-time residents, vacationers, and day trippers – a walkable urban oasis seamlessly woven into nature on the Washington Coast. Home to 18 parks, an event space, boutique spa, fitness center, hundreds of acres of mountain bike and hiking trails, central amphitheater, sports and pickle ball courts, indoor and outdoor pools, miles of wide open beach, award-winning restaurants, and plenty of shopping options – it’s an ideal getaway for all ages. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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Mark Your Calendars For Our Favorite Holiday Celebrations

Published August 21, 2023 | Read Time: 3.5 Minutes

As summer wanes into fall on the Washington coast, there’s renewed energy surrounding all of the holiday celebrations in Seabrook! From Halloweekend to ringing in New Years Day with the last day of the Winter Glass Float Find, there’s something fun in store for everyone. Take a look at the lineup of our favorite seasonal events that intertwine timeless traditions and simple pleasures in a small town.


It feels like time slows down in Seabrook during the month of September, in the best ways possible. With a combination of quiet leisure and outdoor activities just getting started, it’s a great time of year for a warm fall welcome before transitioning to the holiday season.


With crisp weather and crunching leaves underfoot, the peak of fall graces the Washington coast in a beautiful combination of fall colors contrasted by evergreens and the striking blues and grays of the Pacific Ocean. Fall decorations bring an old-time feel to Seabrook with brightly colored pumpkin displays, hay bales, and decorations that add whimsy to an already magical coastal town.

Bigfoot Brewfest | October 7th

It’s not quite a holiday but this festival certainly feels like one with all of the good beer, good friends, good food, and good music during the annual Bigfoot Brewfest. This year is set to be the biggest brewfest yet with vendors, live music, food, games, competitions, and more! Tickets go live soon.

Seabrook Halloweekend | October 27th through October 29th

The spooky of allure of Halloween comes to life in Washington’s beach town every October! Hundreds of families from near and far come to spend the weekend exploring the hay maze and pumpkin patch, joining in on the costume parade, carving pumpkins for the pumpkin promenade and taking part in the best trick-or-treating around town.

Other October events not to miss: Beachside Author Series: Elise Hooper, Mushroom Foraging Classes


Be welcomed by cool, misty mornings on the Washington coast that make for some of the most serene beach walks or bike rides to be had throughout the year in November. The possibility of rain means cozy days spent perusing shops, dining out, or for the adventurous, time spent clam digging, beachcombing or stormwatching.

Ice Skating Rink | November 1st through January 31st

Celebrate the whole of the holiday season with ice skating right in Seabrook! Bring the magic of the holidays to life as you bundle up and take on the ice skating rink that’s open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Ticketing information and additional skate times coming soon.

The Turkey Trot | November 23rd

The Seabrook Turkey Trot is back for another year of running your tail feathers off in Seabrook! Don your favorite turkey attire and gobble-gobble your way through the 3k course around town. The race is unofficially timed so you walk, jog, or trot your way through the route. Tickets go live soon. 

Winter Glass Float Find | November 23rd through January 1st

Thanksgiving morning kicks off the start of the Winter Glass Float! Two handcrafted glass floats are hidden daily, one with a clue and one without. If you find one, it’s yours to keep.

Other November events not to miss: Mushroom Foraging Classes, Clam Digging Dates TBA


Bright and twinkling lights, beautiful handmade garlands, and holiday cheer can be felt all throughout December in Seabrook. It marks the official return of the annual Jolly Days that keeps spirits bright all season long, from photos with Santa to snowdrops in the Town Center.

Jolly Days | November 24th through December 16th

Saturdays of December are all aglow in Seabrook during Jolly Days. Kick off the countdown until Christmas with an annual tree-lighting ceremony in Meriweather Square, followed by shopping Saturdays, snow drops, photos with Santa, and a grand finale of the holiday parade!

Other December events not to miss: Winter Glass Float Find, Ice Skating, Clam Digging Dates TBA

Make sure to check our official events page for the latest event details and announcements: Washington Coast Events

The Best Place To Stay During The Holidays In Washington

Families, friend groups, couples, and everyone in between head to the coast during the holiday season for some rest and recuperation or uninterrupted time with loved ones. Holiday availability tends to book out well in advance of the holidays, if you’re considering a trip to Seabrook, take a look now to make sure you get the best accommodations for you and your crew.

About Seabrook

Seabrook, inspired by Seaside, Florida, was founded in 2004 by Casey and Laura Roloff. The town is built on a foundation of new urbanism, sustainably connecting urbanism and natural surroundings on the Washington coast. The growing town features more than 500 homes, a vacation rental program, 18 parks, event spaces, a spa, fitness center, outdoor and indoor pool, full-service market, amphitheater, sports courts, shopping, dining, and miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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Soaking Up The Last Of Summer & Getting Excited For Fall Fun

Published: August 7, 2023 | Read Time: 3.5 Minutes

This summer in Seabrook has been nothing short of magical with lots of sunshine, beach days, new shops and eats to try, and so many memories being made all throughout the town. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the bliss found in summer and plan to soak up all there is to see and do, from checking out the remaining Saturday Markets and morning yoga sessions, to lazing around in the new outdoor pool.

Though summer is halfway through, we’re also on a countdown to what we call our “secret summer” heading into autumn. It’s a special time where we can still count on warm weather heading into the best of outdoor activities while leaving the busyness of summer behind. We can’t wait for Bigfoot Brewfest, Halloweekend, clam digging, mushroom foraging, fishing, and cozy gatherings.

Catching The Last Weeks Of Summer

Blue skies, bike rides, markets, and concerts have us all feeling the sunkissed highs of summer as we make the very most of a perfect season on the Washington coast. Every day is filled with beachgoing, shopping finds, delicious bites, and plenty of relaxation. If you’re in need of one last summer getaway, there’s still time to come and take in all of the summertime activities that are all complimentary for Seabrook guests to attend or utilize around town.

Welcoming Autumn Adventures In A Small Town

As September approaches, we can’t help but think about all of the reasons we love spending fall in our small beach town. The great nightly rates, fewer crowds, and the quiet beckoning to slow down and savor each moment are the cherries on top of an exceptional fall getaway. That’s what makes it the best time to plan that friends getaway, workcation, or couples retreat to embrace living life on beach time and experiencing fall favs in one place.

The September Encore Series is the perfect way to unwind and catch some stunning coastal sunsets throughout the month. Every Saturday of September at 5:30 PM, sit back and enjoy the music or get up and dance to the beat. We’ve got a great lineup of artists to come and see:

September 2nd – The Hipocrats

September 9th – Brian James Trio

September 16th – Red Light Challenge

September 23rd – Big Love – Fleetwood Mac Tribute

September 30th – Ian Ayers & The Soul Purpose

The Washington coast is no exception when it comes to the season of harvest! The popular mushroom foraging classes in Seabrook hosted by local experts, Micheal and Dan, is back for another season of education and hunting for choice edible mushrooms. See if you can find chanterelles, porcini, chicken of the woods, and more on the outings each Saturday from September 23rd through November 11th. These classes sell out quickly so make sure to snag your tickets early.

We can hardly contain our excitement in what’s brewing for this year’s Bigfoot Brewfest on Saturday, October 7th! We’ve invited even more regional breweries, distilleries, and cideries to offer up their beverages. The fun and games are also revamped this year for lots of laughs and some friendly competitions. Keep an eye out for more details and tickets to go live soon.

A costume parade, hay maze, pumpkin promenade and of course, the best trick-or-treating on the Washington coast happens during the Seabrook Halloweekend! Families from near and far come to spend the best of the spooky season at the beach with family fun and activities from October 27th through October 29th.

Fall Adventuring In The Outdoors   

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, we know you’ve been on a countdown to the change in season, too. From guided fishing trips, clam digging, hiking, mountain biking, beachcombing, or surfing, your time to gear up and head out is almost here. If you need any gear or advice, we’ve got you covered for whatever you need to make those adventures happen.

A Cozy Getaway In The Making

When kids are back in school in fall, spending time around town any day of the week becomes a playground for the adult crowd. Adults of all ages come play and experience the flipside of the beachtown when its more laid back, making experiences feel exceptionally unhurried and low-key. We recommend trying things like custom candle making at Lorraine’s, private shopping events at Magnolias, wine tasting at The Stowaway, a town tour, backyard cookouts, hot tubbing, bonfires, and bike rides around town to take in the relaxed atmosphere this time of year.

Enjoy peaceful evenings taking in an oceanfront view or feeling cozy nestled by a fireplace this fall in a Washington coast vacation rental. With homes of all sizes, along with dog-friendly homes, or homes with private fire pits or hot tubs, finding your ideal place to unwind is easy in Seabrook. It’s not too soon to start thinking about Seabrook Halloweekend or Thanksgiving at the beach!

About Seabrook

Seabrook, inspired by Seaside, Florida, was founded in 2004 by Casey and Laura Roloff. The town is built on a foundation of new urbanism, sustainably connecting urbanism and natural surroundings on the Washington coast. The growing town features more than 500 homes, a vacation rental program, 18 parks, event spaces, a spa, fitness center, outdoor and indoor pool, full-service market, amphitheater, sports courts, shopping, dining, and miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Read more about the growing beach town: What Is Seabrook

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Spend Christmas At The Beach In Seabrook, WA

Published: July 24, 2023 | Read Time: 2 Minutes

In the midst of living in a summer daydream, it’s not too soon to start thinking about booking your ideal vacation rental in the best family vacation destination on the Washington coast for the holidays! Start planning for the holiday season in Seabrook now so you get the best accommodations to suit your crew. From the Jolly Days festivities to the Winter Glass Float Find, the addition of an ice skating rink, and all of the cheery holiday décor around town, this season in Washington’s Beach Town is the perfect place to spend a timeless winter getaway.

Find Your Home Away From Home For The Holidays

Seabrook Hospitality offers a wide variety of vacation rentals available year-round! From cozy cabins, large oceanfront homes, fireplaces, dog-friendly homes, to homes with hot tubs and everything in between, it’s always cozy and warm wherever you choose to stay.

We Can’t Wait For All Of The Winter Fun

Ice Skating Magic Arrives In Seabrook

Glide into the holiday season at the indoor ice skating rink coming to town! From November 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024, no need to be in the Seattle area to go ice skating when the whole family can lace up for some ice skating rink fun daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We’ll see you on the ice!

Scout Out The Winter Glass Float Find

A crowd favorite year after year is the Winter Glass Float Find! Two beautiful, locally crafted floats are hidden around town daily (one with a clue, one without) with a clue posted daily at 9:30 AM. The exhilarating wintertime activity begins on November 3 and ends on January 1.

Celebrate The Holiday Season During Jolly Days

Enjoy the beach town in all of its whimsy when it’s full of twinkling lights, music, and holiday celebrations the whole family can enjoy together during Jolly Days, every Saturday from November 24, 2023 to December 16, 2023.

Tree Lighting

Bundle up with hot chocolate in hand and enjoy caroling during the kick-off to Jolly Days during the annual tree lighting! Gather ‘round at 6:00 PM on Friday, November 24.

Shop For The Holidays on Small Business Saturdays

The merchants around Seabrook always offer sweet deals during Jolly Days. Support the local businesses shopping for everything from toys, books, apparel, candy, wine, home décor, gift cards, and much more each Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, November 25 through December 16.

Snow Drops

Children running around and laughing during the snows each Saturday of Jolly Days is a highlight not to be missed! Take a walk to the corner of Market Street and Meriweather Street at 5:00 PM on November 25, December 2, and December 9 for the unforgettable snowdrops in the Town Center. Note: The final snowdrop of Jolly Days is during the holiday parade, beginning at 6:00 PM on December 16.

The Holiday Parade

Watch the town light up with decorated floats, live music, cheering, and a snowdrop during the festive holiday parade beginning at 6:00 PM in the Town Center.

Wintertime Activities

Slow down and enjoy leisurely strolls on the beach or enjoy cozy evenings in during this time of year or ramp up your outdoor activities, the choice is yours. With everything from clam digging, beachcombing, visiting historic sites, checking out town experiences like wine tasting or candle making, fishing, swimming, and surfing, there’s no shortage of thrilling and fun things to do this time of year on the coast.   

More events and holiday merchant specials are in the works for a heartwarming holiday season in Seabrook! Start planning your getaway today while there’s still availability.

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