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Casey Laura Roloff Seabrook

Casey & Laura Roloff


Casey and Laura’s long-time interest in fine homebuilding began with their very first entrepreneurial endeavor: a contract painting service operated during their college years at the University of Puget Sound.

Once Laura received her art degree and Casey graduated with a business degree in '95, they fulfilled their dream of moving to the Oregon coast full time. After finding few homes displaying the attention to detail they expected from a home, Casey and Laura built their first home in 1996. They quickly identified an important market void among northwest coastal home buyers - people were seeking more than a house with a view, but a community to go with it. Bella Beach, Casey and Laura’s first community, redefined Oregon's coastal real estate market.

Bella Beach's huge success confirmed the Pacific Northwest's desire for a friendly, walk-able neighborhood. For Seabrook, they assembled a team and together decided to build their dream - a beach town on the Washington coast. A decade later, Seabrook enjoys national recognition and is becoming the Northwest’s most popular destination, perched above miles of sandy beach.

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Laurence Qamar

Laurence Qamar

Architect / Town Planner

Laurence is an urban designer and architect with 30+ years of experience establishing vibrant, walkable, mixed-use neighborhood developments in the Northwest and nationally. His recent award winning work has garnered recognition among NW planners, developers, and the public, including his built successes as Town Planner and designer of Seabrook, Olivia Beach, and Bella Beach on the Washington and Oregon Coasts, and extensive work in the Portland metro area. Laurence is also a noted planner of downtown and infill redevelopments throughout Oregon and Washington.

He utilizes an integrated urban design strategy that integrates a range of scales from the broad sub-region and neighborhood framework, to downtown districts, streetscapes, building form and typology, and ultimately detailed coding of sustainable placemaking.

He is committed to promoting economically, socially and environmentally sustainable cities, neighborhoods and buildings that fulfill needs and aspirations.

Through an explorative and collaborative design process, Laurence brings successful resolutions to complex planning problems and development opportunities. He is a frequent conference lecturer and public speaker, promoting the principles of sustainable urbanism.

Stephen Poulakos Seabrook Washington

Stephen Poulakos

Director of Town Development

Since Stephen's arrival to Seabrook in summer of 2004, he has emerged as a specialist in the implementation of new resort town villages based upon principles of new urbanism and context sensitive landscape design. With a bachelor of landscape architecture from Auburn University, his distinguished career has included the provision of premium landscape design services and supervision for several esteemed American resort properties. His portfolio has grown to include private estate design, supervision of the landscape expansion for a top-ranked Relais & Chateau mountain resort (Blackberry Farm), and two celebrated new urbanism developments located in Northwest Florida (Draper Lake Coastal Village and Rosemary Beach). Both Draper Lake and Rosemary Beach's town plans were designed by the highly acclaimed and internationally recognized DPZ (Duany Plater-Zyberk) town planning company. Stephen's role in both developments included the management and implementation of the DPZ architectural code documents and the overseeing the implementation of a majority of civic amenities such as parks, pools, and other resort amenities. Both projects receive worldwide recognition and study today.

After heading west from Northwest Florida to the great Pacific Northwest, Stephen brought his broad knowledge of new urbanism and design code management to Seabrook where he both lives and works today. Here, he has successfully managed the amenity phasing and creation of Seabrook's multiple neighborhoods, parks and civic amenities. Instrumental in establishing the "place-making" principles of the town's master plan, he has worked alongside recognized town planner, Laurence Qamar and town founder Casey Roloff to create the Seabrook we all know today. Poulakos has also influenced the town's architectural style by providing on-site builder guild training, historic precedent analysis, architectural review services, aesthetic guidance, new urbanism education and representation, special project design, and overall implementation of the Seabrook Design Code. He ensures no design detail is overlooked. Active on various social media platforms, his reach to Seabrook buyers and guests tells the story of Seabrook and a Pacific Northwest lifestyle with a design eye. He has also provided planning services for other aligned projects such as The Lookout in Lake Chelan and Olivia Beach on the Oregon Coast. In addition, Stephen has volunteered for regional professional organizations as well as having served on multiple local boards and committees to better serve the greater Grays Harbor Community and to enhance Seabrook's image throughout the region.