Take Me To Seabrook

There have been many talented musicians who have awed audiences at Seabrook, but one in particular has become synonymous with live music performances at the beach.

Ericka Corban was first discovered at Seabrook, or so we like to believe, by a Starbucks executive and Seabrook homeowner. Within months, her music was playing in Starbucks locations all across the world. Having grown up in Elma, Ericka quickly put Grays Harbor County on the map with her amazing performances.

Even with her widespread success, Ericka remained a Seabrook staple through the years. Now, we are proud to announce that her and her husband, Mattaniah, are the creators and producers of the lovely "Take Me To Seabrook" song which you can listen to here exclusively!

You can download the song for free on:
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