Town Center

Market Main Street Rendering Seabrook WA Coast

Seabrook’s Town Center is expanding dramatically, with a variety of shops, restaurants and experiences coming soon to enhance the town’s already thriving stores and cafes.  Locally-sourced dining, boutique clothing shops, fun experiences, fresh juices, a bookstore, and more are expected to open their doors along Seabrook’s new central strolling promenade, Market Street.  Seabrook will carefully curate each merchant, ensuring that every offering is specific, locally operated and unique.

At the heart of this new Town Center growth are the Market Street Townhomes, offering a unique living and retail experience, with beautifully designed home spaces on the upper floors and an enticing merchant occupying the street-level spaces. The Market Street Townhomes are for sale as well, offering predictable monthly income from a long-term retail lease for the ground floor commercial space. 

The expanded Town Center will simply bring more of what makes Seabrook special to the town: interesting and creative merchants, thoughtful dining options, green spaces including a median pocket park that runs parallel with Market Street, and experiences for people of all ages.

And of course, the Town Center will offer exceptional views of the beach and the ocean beyond.  Shop, dine, stroll, and enjoy the scenery.  All right here at Seabrook.