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North Coast Montessori

North Coast Montessori School was established in 2012. The Montessori educational philosophy strives to promote each student's individual development across their whole person - encouraging growth academically, socially, physically, and creatively.

North Coast Montessori School and North Coast Camp builds an environment around children that inspires investigation. We believe each child can grow into a curious, intelligent, and productive part of our community by having adults that believe in their abilities and help them discover their passions.

Walking trails through Seabrook are the perfect place for small feet to find puddles, hands to gather twigs, and pockets to collect pebbles. Found treasures become cornerstones of lessons and activities while building stewardship and appreciation for the outdoors. More opportunities for movement increases attention once back in the classroom.


Early Childhood

3-5 Year Classroom

The Preschool Montessori classroom invites young learners to do what they do best naturally - explore. Small hands are encouraged to investigate, explore, and learn through doing. Nature walks connect children to the earth and tune the senses to observe details. Teachers prepare inspiring materials that innately draw attention.

The classroom is intentionally designed to be a child-sized home. Simplified versions of every day tasks build confidence through completion and independence through mastery.

Activities, stories, and games are dedicated to keeping the search for knowledge a daily passion and teach new tools for discovery as reading, math, and science are introduced.


Upper Elementary

6-12 Year Classroom

The Upper Elementary Montessori classroom encourages young learners to follow their interests and grow their passion for knowledge. Curriculum is tailored around projects children choose to research. Peers not only learn new information alongside each other, but build a positive community by learning to work together. Elementary teachers are guides through a wider world of possibilities and information.

Complex subjects in math, reading, science, and history become rooted in the context of intriguing topics. Completion of each project builds confidence and often raises more interesting questions to continue a quest for knowledge.

Older students inspire younger classmates to strive for excellence and younger students are able to see firsthand the materials they will soon learn to master in the hands of slightly older peers. Grace and courtesy are important lessons that are modeled every day in the classroom community and carry on outside into the world.


North Coast Camp

Ages 3-12 

North Coast Camp is specially tailored to the ages and stages that arrive each day. Limited campers and activities designed specifically to spark your child’s interest make a summer to be remembered. North Coast Montessori students are welcomed to continue their exploration over the summer with week-day camps. Residents, visitors to the North Beach, and guests of Seabrook are welcome to build camp packages with up to 7 days of fun in one week! Space is limited. Register ahead online or by phone.

Registration is now open for both Early Childhood and Upper Elementary, as well as North Coast Camp.