Mountain Biking

Beach cruiser bicycles may dominate the streets of Seabrook, but it's the mountain biking trails all around us that truly make Seabrook a biking mecca.

What began as an 8-mile loop in Seabrook's backyard is slowly growing into a web of diverse forest trails, offering thrilling mountain biking for all levels and ages. 

With the help of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Seabrook is has expanded its mountain biking trails to include long loops through single tracks and logging roads, as well as a new trail overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Not only has made the central Washington coast one of the most spectacular mountain biking destination in the Pacific Northwest, but there is no end in sight to the growth of mountain biking trails and popularity in our area.

We are currently updating our online map where you can preview all of the available mountain bike trails in our area. In the meantime, stop by the Seabrook Cottage Rentals office in town to pick up a map before your ride.