Laundry Driver Lead

Cottage Rentals


Laundry Driver Lead

Job Description:

Responsible for the supervision of all laundry functions and work directly with the Housekeeping Manager (HM) to assist in department needs.  Communicates with inspectors and management daily, on any issues.  Implements and maintains quality standards that serve as a guide to respective staff.  Responsible for inventorying and control of supplies.


·       Set the example for other Supervisors to follow

·       Work as an active member of the Seabrook Cottage Rental Laundry Team.  Oversees linen program to assure all steps are followed and quality is maintained

·       Loads linen and supply bags for housekeepers

·       Drives linen and housekeepers to homes 

·       Assists with laundry employee training daily

·       Trains all new hire employees in laundry procedures

·       Oversees the guest and owner lost and found and transfers to HM daily

·       Assists in implementing policies & procedures as directed by the General Manager


·       Driver housekeeping employees to homes and pick up for lunch

·       Deliver missed supplies as needed

·       Restock all supply shelves

·       Manage day-to-day inspections in your section and assist HM where needed

·       Folds Linens when needed

·       Clean drains on washers daily

·       Change chemicals as needed, watching closely so to not run out

·       Sort red bags and load washers

·       Load rags at the end of the shift

·       Remove trash and recycle from the laundry daily

·       Assists in developing and implementing procedures to improve operations.

·       Implements policies & procedures as directed by HM

·       Maintain a lost and found log in the laundry

·       Accept and deliver all UPS or FedEx packages delivered to laundry

·       Sign for and put away the FSA orders twice a week

·       Responds to questions and needs from owners, guests, and employees

·       Other duties as assigned by GM