Housekeeper Supervisor Position

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Housekeeping Supervisor Job Descriptions

Job purpose of Housekeeping supervisor is to assist the Executive Housekeeper

In the Seabrook facilities, maintaining clean and sanitary conditions for the safety and security of our guests and team members is our highest priority.

Essential duties of Housekeeping Supervisor:

1.     Responsible for clear and effective communication between housekeeping and other departments. Meet with your team members before and after shifts

2.     Fill in for staff where necessary.

3.     Report all work orders to maintenance as well as any and all problems needing repairs.

4.     Responsible for transporting your team members to their assigned properties and checking the status of their work periodically throughout the day.

5.     Locking houses and removing garbage upon guest departure.

6.     Responsible for training “THE SEABROOK WAY” of your team members.

7.     Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and conduct.

8.     Inspect the properties in your section to ensure they are ready for the next guest’s arrival.

9.     Focus on special emphasis on priority guests (homeowners). Create a courteous, friendly, professional work environment through open lines of communication with your staff.

10.  Ensure compliance with safety and sanitization standard.

11.  Inspect and maintain houses daily.

12.  Maintain a regular deep cleaning program, a monthly planner consisting of a project a day when possible. Floor/carpet care, flipping of mattresses (keeping records).

13.  Approach all encounters with guests and employees in a friendly, service oriented manner.

14.  Ensure that all common areas on Seabrook properties are kept clean and organized including back areas.

15.  Assign daily tasks to housekeeping staff.

16.  Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!

17.  Responsible for your staff’s maintaining of equipment (vacuums)