Like all cottages in Seabrook to date, the Farm District homes have been thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape and nature of the neighborhood.

Comprised of both popular Seabrook home designs and our brand new architect series, all Farm District homes fit perfectly on the neighborhood's larger home sites while maintaining an organic, country-like look and feel.

Farm District Seabrook Series Homes
  Foxglove and Sage - Seabrook Series Homes  

We are proud to feature famed designers Lew Oliver, Eric Moser, and Allison Ramsey in the Farm District. Lew Oliver has already left a lasting imprint at Seabrook having designed the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House in 2010 and the lovely Togadera oceanfront home.

Eric Moser's and Allison Ramsey's dedication to traditional architecture inspired by its immediate surroundings was the ideal match for Seabrook's new urbanist approach to a farm neighborhood.

Farm District Architect Series Homes Seabrook
  Barnwood and the Wicker House - Architect Series Homes