May. 4, 2012

Win A Beach House For A Year - Top 5 Finalists

Seabrook Win A Beach House For A Year Sweepstakes After eight long weeks and over 300,000 entries, today we are ready to announce the names of our lucky finalists! This morning, five names were randomly selected from the thousands of possible winners. The question is, was your name one of them? Drum roll please…

The name of the Top 5 Finalists to
Win a Beach House for a Year are (in no particular order):

1. Sally Carroccia
2. Kathleen Workman
3. Amanda Calhoun
4. Brian Considine
5. Amanda Hatfield Foxall


Washington Coast Oceanfront Real Estate SeabrookWe are currently reaching out to all five finalists to arrange everything necessary to participate in the Grand Prize event. Remember, you MUST be present at Seabrook on May 14, 2012 to win! Last but certainly not least, we have one last 2-night stay at Seabrook to give away! Please join us in congratulating BRIAN LAFFIN on his complimentary 2-night vacation at the beach! To everyone else, we hope you've enjoyed our contest and we greatly appreciate your participation through the past two months! Although we are only able to give away one Beach House for a Year, we hope you've been inspired to visit Seabrook, the Washington Coast, and Grays Harbor County sometime soon.

Be sure to tune into Evening Magazine on Wednesday, May 16 to find out who will win the Grand Prize!

By: Ivo Andov    Comments: 1
Hi good people,
I'm in marketing and this was a well crafted promotion - very educational and engaging. And, may I say, a lot of work for the entrant. I think it would be great to offer at least something to those who took the time - really, an 8 week contest is pretty extraordinary - to complete an entry.

What about a (material) discount on a stay? You would get people there to experience Seabrook, and nothing beats that.

I'm just saying this because, geez, I hate to admit this, I'm a little miffed that I went to all that trouble and got zip. Meanwhile, you have my email and will be pestering me. Okay, lame, but true.
Lysa Hansen May 12, 2012 4:42pm

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