Jul. 22, 2011

Watch All Seabrook Webinars On Demand

Seabrook WebinarOver the last two months, Seabrook's Town Founder & President Casey Roloff hosted multiple webinars in which he previewed various Seabrook neighborhoods in more detail. As our beach town grows, new parts of Seabrook emerge and become popular with our guests and buyers. In an attempt to further depict the image around these neighborhoods, as well as share their progress, everyone had the chance to attend 6 live webinars and find out about Seabrook's progress firsthand. In addition, all webinar attendees had the exclusive chance to ask Casey any questions about the neighborhoods or Seabrook in general. Thank you to all who attended our webinars! Starting with the general Seabrook overview of the neighborhoods, the webinars went into more depth on 5 different types of beach cottages: If you missed these webinars or just want to watch any of them again, you can now visit our Seabrook Webinars page and watch all of them on demand.
Watch Seabrook Webinars
These live, short web-presentations have proven to be a great communication tool with our guests and followers. Stay tuned for more of these types of webinars in the near future! If you have any ideas of webinars you'd like to see about Seabrook, let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to consider them!
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