Apr. 22, 2010

Top 5 Seabrook Sustainable Practices

Earth DayFor 40 years, Earth Day has been an important day for raising people's awareness and appreciation of our environment. Many of us think of preserving Mother Earth in our daily actions and more people are catching on the green fever that surrounds the Pacific Northwest. Seabrook's town design was in fact based on the belief that any sort of activity, even a real estate development, should first and foremost preserve the environment around it. Since its establishment, Seabrook has emerged as one of the leaders of sustainable development nationwide, with recognition coming from all corners of the country. We compiled a list of some of our sustainable efforts we think you will find interesting.

1. Walk-able Town Plan

Seabrook Town Master PlanFrom the beginning, Seabrook has been designed to provide beach lovers with easy, walkable access to all amenities one would require at the beach. Everything at Seabrook is within a 5 minute walk, and cars are stowed away nicely in garages and allies to gather some dust while you stroll around Seabrook in your flip flops. Find out more about the town master plan right here.

2. Very Low Light Pollution

Light PollutionEvery light bulb in Seabrook is energy-efficient and every light post uses the minimum amount of wattage to save on electricity. In addition, every street light is subtly located on corners and pathways looking downwards instead of upwards. This way your view of the star struck sky from our town and the beach isn't hindered by the lights that surround you.

3. Recycling = Less is More

Seabrook has implemented its own recycling system and every house is provided with a bin for general and glass recycling. If you walk around town, you will notice our employees and residents with reusable, ceramic or aluminum water bottles and cups; plastic water bottles are a foreign object to many at our beach town. Even our sales office will offer you water or coffee in a ceramic cup. Everything starts with the little things right?

4. Sustainable Design

Sustainable DesignOne thing we can learn from the past is that traditional architecture is timeless. We have focused on this type of architecture that has stood the test of time and are creating a public beach resort for the ages.

5. Green Building

Green BuildingEveryone talks about green building, we actually do it. We build our homes to last hundreds of years, and we already have many homes with a LEED certification. 70% of the trees fallen on site for development are used for cedar shingles, picket fences, and landscaping features throughout Seabrook.

There are many more facets of Seabrook that make it a leader in environmentally friendly real estate developments we can dwell on further. Our sustainability pledge keeps us on course in everything we do, and we keep adding new ways in which we can preserve the beautiful nature around us and around the world.

If you have any suggestions or ideas in which you see Seabrook being more environmentally friendly, please share in the comment box below.

Happy Earth Day!

By: Ivo Andov    Comments: 1
We've seen firsthand Seabrook's commitment to sustainability: our cabin (The Evergreen) was completed late last year and is in the final stages of LEED certification at the platinum level. If certified at this level, it will be the first LEED Platinum and highest green rated home in Grays Harbor County. Many of the details of the cabin's green features are listed on our website:" target="blank" rel="nofollow">The Evergreen Cabin, and if you're interested in seeing for yourself, the cabin is available for rent through" target="blank" rel="nofollow">Seabrook Cottage Rentals.
Mike S April 25, 2010 11:35pm

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