Apr. 2, 2010

Top 5 Easter Fun Facts

While many across the world celebrate Good Friday today, we thought we'd share some of our most interesting stories and facts about Easter with you. The Children's Easter Egg Hunt has become quite the tradition at Seabrook and in anticipation, we'd like to share some fun Easter stories before the Easter Bunny arrives.

1. An Easter Egg Made of 4,000 lbs of Chocolate?

Easter Chocolate Egg Guylian The Guinness Book of Records states that the largest Easter egg ever made was the one by Belgian chocolate producer Guylian in 2005. The edible egg was 27 feet tall, 21 feet wide, and weighed 4,299 pounds. The author of the humongous egg mentioned he had spent over 500 hours creating it - what we want to know though - how long did it take to eat it?

2. Medieval Times Tradition

Medieval Times EasterThink hunting for Easter eggs is boring? You can always try this one. A festival of throwing eggs was held at a church back in Medieval times, where the priest would throw an egg at the choir and then the choirboys would throw it amongst each other. Whomever had the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner! We just hope that egg was hard-boiled, otherwise that game is due to end very, very soon.

3. Easter? You Mean the Candy Holiday, Right?

Easter is the second most candy consuming holiday after Halloween in the US! In fact, when Americans get their hands on those bunny-shaped chocolate figures, 76% of them prefer to bite off the ears first, 5% eat the feet first, and 4% eat the tail first. That someone would do research on this is simply mind-boggling.

4. Easter Celebrations Around The World

Egg WarThe Christian Orthodox religions in Europe have a custom where they hard-boil and paint eggs, and then wack'em on Easter eve in an egg war. The person whose egg does not get damaged at the end is the winner and is supposed to have a successful year ahead. In Australia, kids exchange chocolate Easter eggs that have little toys in them. Fun!

5. Peeps Rule Easter

Easter PeepsAmericans buy over 700 million Peeps during Easter season. Obviously, this makes Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy. Recently, we took one of our homeowner's advice and tried Peeps smores during a fire pit hangout at Seabrook. Needless to say, they were delicious!

Got any more fun stories and facts about Easter? We would love to hear them! Drop us a line below and share some Easter fun with us and our readers!


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