May. 7, 2010

The Tale Of A Seabrook Homeowner

Washington State Real EstateJeff Lehman, a soon to be Seabrook homeowner, has recently shared with us his story about deciding to build a beach home at Seabrook. His adventure is fascinating, and he is happy to share it with everyone here on the Seabrook Blog. Hope you enjoy it! Why I picked Seabrook "I started my college education as an architecture major. I loved it and it loved me, but I quickly figured out it might be better to be the person the architect collaborated with than a true architect. Many years ago I purchased a lot in Seaside, Florida. It's where many say "new urbanism" originated. I designed a house there and named it Kano Cottage, after Frank Lloyd Wright's favorite horse. Unfortunately, I later had to sell it. That was a heart breaker, and I vowed to someday build another Kano and never be in a position to let it go. Washington State Real EstateI first heard of Seabrook through a Seattle Times article (circa 2004). It was impressive to see what Casey Roloff and his team were creating. It's been my long standing opinion that developers have squandered the Washington coastline for decades. Seabrook, however, seemed like a perfect pacific northwest version of Seaside, and in some respects a much better version than the original. It also reminded me of Cape Cod, Marblehead, and Nantucket. One morning, I took a road trip from Seattle to Seabrook (it's an easy 2.5 hours). When I turned into Seabrook, I immediately knew that my second chance at creating a dream beach house was about to happen. Soon after that trip I was able to obtain a founder's lot and get the design process started. The Seabrook Construction team put together a very reasonable proposal and then moved quickly to get the project underway. As I write this, the house is about halfway completed and is scheduled to be done just before the Coastal Living Magazine Idea Home opens. Good timing. Washington State Real EstateWhile they are working fast and furious to get the house done, I'm putting my architectural skills to good use designing and building some of the signature furniture and lighting pieces that will appear in each room. I'll write more on this later. Some interesting design features are planned for the house, like Seabrook's first "see through" fireplace into the sun room, a large master suite, an open dining and living room space, and exterior railing details borrowed from my former Seaside home. I still haven't picked a home name yet, so stay tuned. The next time you are in Seabrook, drive by Lot 70 (near the site of the proposed pool house) and take a look." -Jeff


Here is a slideshow of some picture updates from Jeff's house under construction:


By: Ivo Andov    Comments: 3
I love your story! My wife and I have been involved with Seabrook from literally the very beginning!

Our roots flow back to Florida and it appear that we my have friends in common! Please look us up anytime at Seabluff @ Seabrook!

Jeff & Linda Harrison
Jeff Harrison May 7, 2010 11:44pm
Hello Jeff-

It has been a pleasure working with you on putting together your Seabrook beach cottage. It's such a great story!

Having had the unique experience of watching Seaside, FL & the NW Florida Panhandle grow over the last 20+ years and specifically having been involved with the actual development of Rosemary Beach, FL (and now Seabrook, WA---6+ yrs.), for me, it is like living a deja vu moment.

I'm hearing the same kind of excitement & buzz in the voices of Puget Sounders as I heard in the voices of Southeasterns in late 1980's and 90"s as they "discovered" the NW FL coast. Having grown up in Atlanta, it was fascinating to watch the Panhandle become "THE" place to vacation, much like the WA Coast is quickly becoming "THE" place to vacation in the Northwest.

I see history repeating itself here in the Puget Sound Region (Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia) as this region (much like the Southeastern U.S) continues to grow very quickly. Northwesterners and those newly relocating to this region are quickly "discovering" the WA Coast as an alternative to the Oregon coast (and finding it much closer!)

I'm yet again in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!

Stephen Poulakos
Stephen Poulakos June 9, 2010 1:34pm
Looks great, but what about the boating? Will I need to go to Astoria for moorage and some inside cruising?

Ray Dupree June 10, 2010 11:05am

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