Jun. 10, 2011

Seabrook Neighborhoods Webinar

Seabrook Neighborhoods MapLast week, Seabrook's town founder Casey Roloff hosted two webinars describing some of Seabrook's most interesting neighborhoods. In a 45-minute long presentation, viewers had the chance to learn not only what makes each Seabrook neighborhood special, but also what the town's overall vision is. The webinars mapped out the NW Glen Oceanfront neighborhood, Madison Lane Cottages, Alderwood Cottages, East Main Cottages, and the Front Street Townhomes. Those of you that were not able to attend the webinar can now watch it in full by clicking play below. Because of the interest that this webinar garnered, Casey Roloff will host several short webinars on each individual part of Seabrook in the upcoming weeks. There will be a webinar every Thursday at 11 am. Starting with the Madison Lane Cottages webinar on June 16, you will have the chance to learn all the details about each Seabrook neighborhood right from your computer! Here is the upcoming webinar schedule: Click on each neighborhood above to sign up for the webinar! We hope you enjoy our webinars and hope to see you either at Seabrook or at the web presentations soon!
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