Jun. 14, 2017

Seabrook Community Foundation Q2 Grants

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In the second quarter of 2017, the Seabrook Community Foundation provided scholarships to eleven graduating seniors and more than $38,000 in grants to organizations that will benefit the North Beach and Grays Harbor communities.

"The second quarter is a busy meeting due to the large number of grant requests and the review of scholarships. It is an honor for the Foundation to provide scholarships to these students and grants to these exceptional community programs. These students and organizations all work very hard and show the spirit of North Beach and Grays Harbor." said Jim Whitney, Director of the Seabrook Community Foundation.

Seabrook Community Foundation is pleased to offer funds to the following organizations:

Columbia Wellness has big plans for the future. They will renovate and update their existing
building to create a facility for detox units. They recognize that individuals requiring treatment generally do better when treatment is available in their home community. This new facility will expand their current function of Crisis Response and Support. This improved facility will be a benefit to the Grays Harbor community.

Habitat for Humanity, Grays Harbor has a program called Critical Home Repair. This program
provides low income or disabled homeowners funds and skilled individuals for repair and
maintenance projects. These funds will allow the program to be more effective and grow by
improved staffing and support.

North Beach Youth Baseball is a grass roots baseball program for kids in the Ocean Shores and North Beach areas. Mike Weidman has again provided leadership for a program that supports multiple youth teams to play baseball in Hoquiam leagues. These funds are used for league entry fees and equipment for these kids. The Foundation thanks Mike for providing the initiative to make this happen.

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport provides learning opportunities for Grays Harbor school children that focus on nautical and sailing history and lore. This is accomplished with learning and sailing activities on-board their tall ships, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftan. These funds will be used for maintenance and repair for these two ships. Keeping the craft safe and ready to sail will allow these programs to continue to delight Grays Harbor students.

Kiwanis Club of Ocean Shores improves the Christmas holidays for many North Shores
residents by having 2 parties for teens and younger kids. These funds will be used to buy
clothing, shoes to be given to the kids at 2 holiday parties put together by Kiwanis and the Faith Community Church in Ocean Shores.

Green Lantern Lunch is a very successful volunteer run program that provides free lunches to North Shore students who may go without. Phyllis Shaughnessy started this grass roots
program years ago as a true labor of love. Throughout the year, multiple volunteers assemble
and deliver lunches to hundreds of kids and families from Ocean Shores to Tahola and
Humptulips. These funds will help pay for supplies to gather, assemble and deliver these meals.

ARC of Grays Harbor advocates and supports a better quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Their We-Can program provides monthly social, food and craft events and a three week long summer life skills workshop. These activities are designed to be fun and to impart useful life skills. The funds from this grant will be used to pay for staff and supplies to make this program possible.

PAWS of Grays Harbor is a no kill shelter that protects dogs and cats until an adopting family is found. They have been improving their facilities located in Aberdeen to better serve the
community and be more effective. Currently dogs are kenneled at facilities off site with the
associated expense of kennel fees. Keeping dogs on site eliminates this expense, saving
money. The grant funds will be used to complete the outdoor portion of an indoor/outdoor
kennel that will allow dogs to be kenneled on site.

Saving the Nations Ministries is a shelter for homeless women and kids called Ester House.
Ester House provides a safe place, a temporary home and day to day basic needs including
meals, a bed and showers. This grant will help make the facility more comfortable and efficient by assisting to provide an updated heating system for the main living and sleeping area.

Ocean Shores Woof-a-Thon is a primary support system for independent animal shelters in
the Grays Harbor area. These small shelters are led by volunteers and have significant food and veterinary bills in order to provide this valuable community service. The Woof-a-Thon generates and distributes funds to local shelters primarily their annual Woof-a-Thon. These funds will be distributed to these local animal shelters to defer their expenses. The 2017 Woof-a-Thon is August 12, 2017.

Scholarship Awards: This meeting was also our scholarship award meeting. Scholarships are
$1000 per year, renewable up to 4 years. The Foundation is happy to provide scholarships to
these students. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all of them.
  • Christopher You 
  • Emily Deal
  • Reilly Moore 
  • Oscar Joya-Fernandez
  • Angelica Wells 
  • Zach Spradlin
  • Jack Adams III 
  • Madison Wood
  • Isabel Hernandez 
  • Christopher Smith
  • Ryan Espedel

The Seabrook Community Foundation encourages charitable organizations to apply for grants. The next Foundation board meeting is scheduled for August 13, 2017. 

Click to find out more about the Seabrook Community Foundation and apply for a grant.

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