Mar. 27, 2017

Seabrook Community Foundation Q1 Grants

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At the first board meeting for 2017, the Seabrook Community Foundation provided more than $55,000 in grants to organizations that benefit the North Beach and Grays Harbor communities.

Seabrook Community Foundation is pleased to be able to offer funds to the following

Columbia Wellness has big plans for the future. They will renovate and update their existing
building to create a facility for detox units. They recognize that individuals requiring treatment generally do better when treatment is available in their home community. This new facility will expand their current function of Crisis Response and Support. This improved facility will be a benefit to the Grays Harbor community.

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington has provided their Feed the Hungry
program since 1981. Feed the Hungry provides meals for anyone, no restrictions or
qualifications. The program serves 80 - 100 meals per day Monday through Friday. This grant
will allow the program to expand to include Saturday. This extra service will be useful to many individuals and families.

Port of Grays Harbor manages the Friends Landing facility outside of Montesano. This facility is a 152 acre park offering fishing, hiking, camping and general recreation. The park is
undergoing a renovation to include new playground equipment that is safer and ADA compliant. The park is used by 200 visitors per weekday and 400 visitors per weekend day. The grant provided will help to fund this effort and make Friends Landing even more friendly to many visiting kids.

Grays Harbor Youth Works provides internships and mentors for interested programs through the Work Based Learning Internship Program. Work Based Learning is an element of the WA State Career and Technical Education program. This program enlists local businesses to provide a mentor and an internship to students in the program. The objective is to enhance opportunities for students through higher education, technical training or a job. Funding will provide operating expenses for staff and allow them to expand the program to North Beach, Lake Quinault and Tahola high schools.

KXPB Radio in Pacific Beach provides a welcome respite from day to day toil as a small,
independently run public radio station. KXPB also has the task of providing Emergency
Broadcast System information should the need arise. KXPB will use these funds to create an
emergency broadcast center on higher ground at the Grays Harbor Fire District #8 building.
KXPB’s responsibility to provide Emergency Broadcast services to the community will be more secure and available should the need arise.

Museum of the North Beach is in the middle of a major growth spurt. This small trove of local history is expanding to a new building. This growth will allow the museum to provide a greater appreciation of area artifacts, history, culture and lore. This grant continues the Foundation’s involvement in the effort. Meanwhile, artifacts, collectible and valuable property are stored offsite. Funds will be used to help pay for ongoing land preparation work as well as continued storage of valuable items. The Foundation encourages others to support this effort.

North Beach Community Emergency Relief Team (NB CERT) has the huge task of
developing and implementing an emergency response plan for the North Beach. This includes any emergency action from small to the ‘big one’ so often written about. NB CERT has a plan and continues to improve their facility. This grant will allow NB CERT to purchase more emergency rations as well as improve their ability to communicate with new radio equipment. Their current food and water capability is to serve 300 people for 1 week. The plan is to increase this to 3 weeks supply. Future plans include adding more cached supply sites to serve more people who may be isolated by a major emergency.

Pacific Beach Elementary School serves 143 students with 13 full time staff. They all
recognize the need to be current with digital technology. The funds from this grant will allow
students to experience 3D printing technology with new 3D printers, CAD software, supplies and teacher training. It is important to provide this capability for these students as access to up-todate technology can be challenging. The foresight of the school administrators and teachers to provide the means to do so is outstanding.

The Salvation Army Grays Harbor has provided for individuals and families of Grays Harbor
community since 1897. A large portion of their efforts and funds goes to providing meals for
homeless individuals and families. The Salvation Army described how homeless individuals
often do not have access to means to prepare or heat meals. Thus it is useful to provide ‘pop
top’ types of nutritional meals that do not require preparation. This grant will help provide these meals to those in need. The value of the Salvation Army is greatly appreciated.

‘The grants provided by the Seabrook Community Foundation in our first meeting of the year
express the priorities of the organization. We are fortunate to be able to work with organizations that provide valuable services to the Grays Harbor community’ - Jim Whitney, Director, Seabrook Community Foundation.

The Seabrook Community Foundation encourages charitable organizations to apply for grants. The next Foundation board meeting is scheduled for April 30, 2017. 

Click to find out more about the Seabrook Community Foundation and apply for a grant.

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