Jun. 2, 2011

Seabrook Celebrates Seaside, Florida

Seaside Florida Robb ReportWhile Florida may seem very far away to many of us here on the Washington coast, a beach town called Seaside in Florida was one of the primary inspirations for Seabrook, WA! Casey Roloff, Town Founder of Seabrook, explains, "I fell in love with Seaside and I am excited to build a town here in Washington with many of the same elements that sets Seaside apart from other development." Although the architecture may differ between the two towns, both Seaside and Seabrook share quite a few similarities:
  • Seaside's town plan was created using 80 acres and Seabrook's plan was made using 88 acres.
  • Both beach towns are located on previously overlooked stretches of coastline.
  • Seabrook and Seaside were designed to ensure a resident's primary needs are located within a 5-minute walk of the town center.
  • The retail center of each town was designed to be the heart of the community.
  • A variety of pedestrian and bicycle friendly routes were created to encourage walking and bicycling as the primary modes of transportation.
  • Charming regional towns like Seaside, OR, Cannon Beach, OR, and Carmel, CA, ¬†influenced home design codes and architectural guidelines in each town.
  • Small cottages, large family beach houses, and homes of every size and shape exist to provide something for everyone.
  • Seaside and Seabrook have held property values better than any other town on their respective coastlines.
  • Both Seaside's and Seabrook's Town Founders live in the towns they worked to create.
Like Seabrook, "It was never about selling real estate," says Robert Davis, Seaside's Town Founder. "It was more about selling an idea of how people can best live side-by-side in a community." "Seaside grabbed the imagination, not to mention the emotional heart strings of homebuyers who wanted to be a part of the Davis' vision of Serendipity on the Gulf." - Robb Report, "Seaside's 30th Anniversary Special."

Read the full Robb Report Seaside article and learn about the other similarities between Seabrook and Seaside!

Seaside Florida Robb ReportSeaside Florida Robb Report

By: Ivo Andov    Comments: 1
What a timely article - my family is in Seaside and it's neighbor Rosemary Beach at this very moment! We love the same things about it as we do beautiful Seabrook. Can't wait to spend a couple weeks in Seabrook later this summer to again experience a quentissential beach town!
Kendra June 3, 2011 8:19am

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