Mar. 8, 2011

Lily Walk Neighborhood Leading By Example

Lily Walk Big FishEver since its release, our Lily Walk neighborhood has been immensely popular among buyers and Seabrook Cottage Rentals guests! Even now, after all 17 homes have been gobbled up and the neighborhood is completely sold out, people are still interested in finding out more about these lovely beach homes. That is why our design team has been working long and hard on implementing a similar neighborhood to Lily Walk in other parts of Seabrook. In fact, we are all but ready to release our brand new neighborhood, Madison Lane! Madison Lane will be a neighborhood outfitted with similar house styles to those found in Lily Walk and will be a little closer to the center of town and the beach. If Lily Walk & Madison Lane aren't your style, then get excited for our other upcoming East Main neighborhood, Madison Lane's "Seabrook Avenue" neighbor. For more information on Madison Lane and East Main cottages, stay tuned to the Seabrook Blog. A big announcement is coming soon! Don't want to wait? Then check out Seabrook's Front Street Townhomes - incredibly priced and situated just a stone's throw away from the beach and retail district! This is the best way to be super close to the ocean without buying an oceanfront house! Many of you have probably witnessed all the growth Seabrook's experienced lately. If you haven't yet, browse our available vacation rentals and pick your favorite beach cottage! In the meantime, we've prepared a slideshow of the latest Lily Walk progress...enjoy!

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