Jun. 22, 2009

Front Street Café Rolls Out Scrumptious New Menus!!!

A good meal on a sunny day at Seabrook can do wonders for your pleasure and enjoyment. That is why the Front Street Café has just dished out brand new menus, enhanced with the finest of choices for whatever your heart desires.

If you are just stopping by for lunch, check out the Seafood Cobb salad or give the Fish and Chips a try. Both light and delicious, an easy meal may be just what you need if you are going to go play around in the sand right afterward.

But when dinner time comes around, it might be your time to step up to the big challenge. The good part is you can never go wrong with our gourmet Seabrook Burger, always loyally accompanied by some freshly cut fries. Or do you maybe feel like building your own pizza? Not a problem - choose from more than 10 different ingredients that will blow your mind.

After all, if none of this sounds like your ideal meal at Seabrook, both menus offer lots of tasty-looking choices. We guarantee some of them will wake up your taste buds. Our Chef is both flexible and creative, making sure the daily specials top off Front Street Café's brand new menus with a dash of mystery and grandeur.

For a detailed preview of the new menus visit Front Street Café's Blog now!!

Have you tried any of the meals already? Let us know which one's your favorite in the comment box below!
By: Ivo Andov    Comments: 1
Nothing beats the Pub Burger. An instant Seabrook classic if you ask me!
Ivo June 22, 2009 1:32pm

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