Aug. 5, 2011

Winner of the "Favorite Things To Do At Seabrook" Contest is...

Washington CoastWhew, this was a tough one. Earlier this summer, we asked you all to share your favorite things to do while at Seabrook. In a short time we received a lot of really good responses from both homeowners and guests! While that made it difficult to select the winner of the contest, we finally found one post that comprehensively summarized many fun things to do while on the Washington coast. So without further ado, please join us in congratulating Dana H. for being the winner of Seabrook's summer contest!! Dana will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Seabrook's favorite dining spot, the Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub. Her response was very well written and had a very unique perspective given the fact that she lives in Arizona. Here is what she wrote:

Coming from hot Arizona, Seabrook is always a welcome relief from the dust and heat.

The top things that we have done in Seabrook and the Seabrook area are as follows:

  • Relax. Seabrook is very laid back and it's easy to just relax and kick back for a while
  • Watch a movie. Most, if not all rental homes have a DVD player and after the drive from Seattle it is nice to just sit down, relax, and watch a movie to unwind.
  • Cool Off. Especially for people like me coming from out of state it is nice to be somewhere it can be sunny and cool, cloudy and cool, or windy and cold. Any one of these is better than where I am coming from and an enjoyable experience. A great memory I have from Seabrook is sitting by the fire outside watching the mist "rolling through the air" from the trees. Hard to explain, just something that has to be experienced!
  • Sight Seeing. We love to walk (or ride one of the beach cruisers) through the streets to take in the views of the amazing architecture and scenery.
  • Photography. Seabrook has a lot of picturesque places whether you're looking for architecture, forests, beaches, flowers, wildlife, or just family pictures. It is hard to take a bad picture here!
  • Walk the trails to the beach. The beach is a very close walk and the trails through the trees to get to the beach make it that much better. There are also benches and outlooks along the way for those who need or want to stop and enjoy.
  • Collect Sand Dollars at the beach. While at the beach there are tons of things to do, but one of our favorites is to find a memento such as shells or sand dollars to take back to Arizona and have something to look forward to for the next trip.
  • Sit by the fire and roast s'mores. Each time we have gone we have sat by the fire and roasted s'mores. If you forget to bring the ingredients with you don't worry, the market will be able to take care of you.
  • Dinner at the Mill 109. One of the nice things about the lodging is that there is a kitchen to cook in. One of the nice things about Seabrook is that if you decide not to cook you can walk quickly over to the Mill 109 to get a bite to eat and walk over for a view of the ocean afterwards.
  • Day Trips. There are multiple places in the area to make day trips to if you do need something exciting to fill your day. We have gone to Lake Quinault, Ruby Beach, The Hoh Rainforest (a MUST), Forks, and on the closer side Ocean Shores.
  • I'm sure I missed something, you just have to be there and experience it all yourself. You will not be disappointed!
Two other contestants deserve an honorable mention here as well. Here is what Carol E. & Alisa W enjoy doing while at Seabrook:

Washington Coast

Carol E. I have been to Seabrook more times than I can count, but only one time in the summer months. I have to say that my favorite thing about summertime at Seabrook was the "neighborhood feeling" that we experienced. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly. Love that we were all there to focus on family and friendship time….quite a switch from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! It was nice to feel safe while strolling through the neighborhood – and even got invited in to one house to check it out as a future rental. Looking forward to more summer days in the future at Seabrook!

Alisa W. Our favorite tradition at Seabrook is definitely making s'mores! Our son is allergic to dairy but thankfully there are dark chocolates he can enjoy and marshmallows & Graham crackers are dairy free. We love opportunities where he can feel included and this is one of them!!

Thank you to everyone who chimed in and shared their favorite things to do at Seabrook. Summertime is in full swing out here at the beach and the place is buzzing with people! If you haven't booked your summer vacation yet, or just want a weekend getaway, be sure to visit the Seabrook Cottage Rentals website or call 877-779-9990 for the best Washington coast vacation rentals! See you at the beach!
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