Aug. 17, 2009

Family Field Day Pictures Are In!

Seabrook Family Field Day
At the end of June, all the families at Seabrook came out to enjoy a fun day at Crescent Park full of games and laughter. Little kids were zipping by finishing gunny-sack relays in record times while their parents struggled to keep up with the pace. Some played ping-pong, others attempted badminton, and some just enjoyed the sunshine. But it wasn't until tug of war came around when the adults showed off their true strength in pulling, slipping, growling, funny-face-making, and everything else you can imagine happening at such a face-off.

The best part is that we have it all on camera. An exclusive, all-encompassing slideshow is at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. And there is always something fun to do at Seabrook. Seabrook Family Field Day/ This last weekend the third annual Fun Run took place and the weather could not have been more perfect! For more on how the run went and who the winners were, check back later this week as we will have it all right here at the Seabrook Blog.

We upload all the pictures on our flickr website so stop by anytime and throw a glance at what is happening at Seabrook. If you were lucky enough to be out on the coast, maybe you will be in one of the photos. This weekend we are making beachy arts and crafts at the park. Next week the glorious children's bike parade will rule our beach town. Until then, however, browse our sets and galleries for the best out of Seabrook!
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