Dec. 3, 2009

Evening Clam Digs at Seabrook!

Clam Digging at Seabrook 2009Fire up your clam guns everybody - it is time to go clam digging! The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) gave the approval for a 3-day evening razor-clam dig bonanza! Starting today, you have the chance to hunt razor clams for three days at our very own Seabrook beach. Strap on those muck boots anytime between noon and midnight and have some fun by the ocean! For your information, the Pacific razor clam (Siliqua patula) is found along beaches from California to Alaska. In Washington, the biggest you'll get is about six inches long. They are exceptionally meaty and delicious for clam chowder, breaded and sautéed, or prepared in curries.
Clam Digging

Things you need:

  • A current Washington State Fishing License (most sporting goods stores sell them—choose from short term or annual shellfish licenses, or get them instantly online)
  • A clam gun or shovel, found at sporting goods stores and Fred Meyer
  • One "container" per person for clam storage (the catch limit is 15 per day): this can be a hip-clip net, a plastic shopping bag, a gallon Ziploc, your makeup bag, etc
  • A good flashlight or lantern for post-sunset digs (they help reveal "show")
  • Access to a tide chart to see the low tide times (optimal for clamming) for Pacific Beaches. You can grab one at our Seabrook Cottage Rentals office
Things to know:
  • Look for "show" in the sand, slightly raised and dimpled areas indicative of where clams are dwelling
  • People often use sticks or baseball bats to tap on the sand to stimulate "show"
  • Cover the hole on the T-bar of your clam gun just before pulling up on the tube, to create a vacuum seal
  • Dig fast, and dig deep—what may not be initially revealed might be lurking just inches below
  • You break it, you buy it: Casualties such as cracked clamshells, tube-induced dismemberment, and catching itty bitty clams still count against your limit
  • Kids (under age 15) don't need a license, so get them working! Kids make great clam sleuths

The sun has been shining bright over Seabrook all week long! This truly is the perfect time to go clam digging and catch a beautiful sunset over the horizon! Call our Seabrook Cottage Rentals office at 877-779-9990 for more information, and make sure to send us your pictures from the clam digs. And most importantly, have fun!

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